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Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Aladtec Integrates with ImageTrend

Aladtec can be easily integrated with ImageTrend. With the ImageTrend integration, Aladtec will automatically feed schedule information to ImageTrend, eliminating the time-consuming and error-prone task of adding crew data into ImageTrend incident reports.

After the ImageTrend integration is enabled, Aladtec will seamlessly create and update ImageTrend with Aladtec scheduling information. Every fifteen minutes, Aladtec will ensure the scheduling information from yesterday, today, and tomorrow is in sync with ImageTrend’s crew information used for incident reports. Aladtec schedule changes may result from trades, time off, and sign ups.

Enabling the ImageTrend integration is easy. First, contact Aladtec at or 888.749.5550 to activate the ImageTrend integration. Then, request account information from ImageTrend, including an API Token and URL. In Aladtec - Setup - Integrations, after enabling, enter the account information and authenticate, as shown below.

Once the ImageTrend account information is authenticated, ImageTrend data can be matched to Aladtec data, as described below.

Aladtec Members will be automatically listed. The ImageTrend Personnel ID matching each Aladtec Member can be entered.

Similar to entering in ImageTrend Personnel IDs, for each Aladtec Schedule listed, an ImageTrend Apparatus ID and Agency Location ID can be entered. See below for an example.

Additionally, for each Aladtec Position, an ImageTrend Role Code can be entered, as shown below.

Each Aladtec Shift Label can have an ImageTrend Shift Name entered, see example below.

Daily Split Time defines the time each day starts/ends and can be selected, as shown in the example below.

After the Aladtec to ImageTrend matching has been completed and the Daily Split Time is selected, save the matches and start the integration, see below. Options to temporarily stop the integration or permanently disable the integration are provided as well.

For questions or additional help with the ImageTrend integration, please contact the Support Team at or 888.749.5550. For questions or additional help with ImageTrend, please reach out to ImageTrend. As always, thank you for using Aladtec!

~ Your Aladtec Team

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