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Friday, August 7, 2015

The System Log

Aladtec’s System Log is an extremely powerful reporting tool containing a list of every action taken by employees within the system. Having this information is extremely useful for verifying who performed an action and the exact date and time of when:

  • Scheduled time was manipulated
  • Sign up requests were completed, approved or denied
  • Time off requests were completed, approved or denied
  • Trades were requested, approved or denied 
  • Notifications were sent to members or administrators
  • Availability was submitted or deleted
  • Forms were created, deleted or submitted
  • System configurations were modified
  • Changes were made in the Library, Discussions or Member Database

Access the system log by hovering over reports and clicking: System Log. It’s important to utilize the filtering tools and date selector for researching a particular action as show in this image.

Aladtec’s System Log with the Edit options displayed

If you ever have trouble finding specific information, call or email Aladtec Support. 888-749-5550 or

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