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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Member Filters in Aladtec Reports

Reporting with Aladtec has many useful features that assist in performing payroll, scheduled time audits, monitoring overtime and time off.  This article is focused on a very powerful part of reporting: Member Filters.  Utilize Member Filters to isolate records based on attributes in the Member Database. Here are some examples:

  • Filter on Employee Type (i.e. only show part time/full time employees)
  • Show only members in certain positions
  • Filter on Name to only review one individual’s records 
  • Create multiple filters (i.e. part time employees who work on the station 1 schedule)

Member Filters are available in the Summary, Schedule Time, and Form Reports under the Edit Link. For customers who use the Time Clock, Member Filters are also available in the Time Clock Admin and Time Clock Reports

The Schedule Time Report with the Member Filters set to show: Part Time Administrators 

Please contact us if you require any assistance in setting up Member Filters or any other part of the system.  888-749-5550 or

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