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Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Aladtec to Demonstrate Online Staff Scheduling & Management Software at IACP Conference and Exposition

The 123rd annual International Association of Chiefs of Police event will take place at the San Diego Convention Center October 15th through the 18th.

Thousands of dedicated professionals from federal, state, county, local and tribal agencies will converge to take part in the educational program, renowned keynote speakers, community-building special events at this year’s IACP Conference and Exposition. The Expo hall will showcase the largest collection of tactical equipment and technology solutions available for law enforcement.

One company offering a technology solution this year is Aladtec - an online employee scheduling and workforce management system (booth #5542). Their software was created specifically for the Public Safety sector. Law enforcement agencies deal with the challenges 24/7 shift rotations present. Aladtec helps administrators manage the scheduling issues common within Public Safety agencies.
Aladtec is a robust workforce management tool, with many features and benefits, including:

  • Mobility - the system is accessible 24/7 from any computer, smartphone or mobile device with Internet access 
  • Employee data management - easily store and access contact information, certifications, etc. 
  • Event calendar - post training sessions, meetings and public appearances 
  • Library - share documents, training videos and meeting notes with staff 
  • Forms - create forms within the system to track vehicles maintenance, inventory, etc. 
  • Payroll integration - export work hours to various payroll software systems 
  • Reporting capabilities - create custom reports with any data within the system 
  • Messaging - email or text message individuals, groups or all employees immediately 
  • Forum - engage staff in discussions and host conversations 
  • System log - keep track of all activities within the system - no more he said she said 
  • Sync Calendars - sync personal and work calendars into one 
  • Time Clock - an add-on option for time and attendance verification 

While at IACP Aladtec staff will meet with many customers and offer other attendees guided software system demonstrations.

Supporting Quotes from Aladtec Law Enforcement Customers:

“Previously, we simply used an Excel spreadsheet to schedule our staff. It was very time consuming. My favorite features are Aladtec’s paging feature, the ability to do advanced scheduling far into the future and the mobile capability. Through the mobile web app, I can send out a page from anywhere. The crew likes the ability to see who has what for shifts, or detail assignments, and the fact they can request shift swaps from home or anywhere.”
Rob Browne, Captain, Goffstown Police Department, Goffstown, NH

“Before Aladtec, we used an Excel spreadsheet for scheduling and tracking hours. It would take two to four hours depending on the number of overtime and training slips, plus many hours to create the schedule for each year. We were looking for something that was feature rich, but easy for our officers to use. Since implementing Aladtec, the process pretty much takes care of itself and I spend about 10 minutes on exporting data, so I have much more time to spend on other responsibilities.”
Paul Adams, Deputy Chief of Police, Lincoln Police Department, Lincoln, IL

“Aladtec for Law Enforcement is so much better than the old spreadsheet we used before. Now, it’s very easy for staff to request time off, the schedule stays accurate and it’s is easy to manage. I truly try to forget how labor intensive the old way was.”
Steven Schoenbauer, PSAP Supervisor, Carver County Sheriff’s Office, Chaska, MN

“With Aladtec, we can see part-time staff’s availability for any given shift which saves us time and effort. This ability allows us to move and change shifts to prevent overtime - before we couldn’t tell when someone was going to go into overtime hours. I believe switching to Aladtec saves me 15 to 20 hours per week in time spent scheduling compared to the old method - so I’m gaining as much as two weeks of time every month!”
Jeffrey Hammond, Sergeant, Livingston County Sheriff’s Office, Geneseo, NY

“We are unionized here and I thought it would be an issue for calling people in on overtime according to the union contract. The union worked with us so we could do the coverage requests using the system. Because the Aladtec software time and date stamps all sign up requests we can take the overtime sign ups to meet the contract requirements. I believe it will save us more than $6,500.00 per year. The system is simple, one of my senior supervisors is not great with electronic devices and dreaded going to the new schedule program. He told me just last week ago he would not be without it.”
Jeff Rickaby, Sheriff, Florence County Sheriff’s Office, WI

About Aladtec: They proudly provide online employee scheduling and workforce management software to nearly 1,700 organizations, primarily within the Public Safety Sector. These customers count on Aladtec every day to help them save time and improve efficiency. For information about their affordable industry specific options, or to try a free demo, please visit


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