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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Aladtec Newsletter #001: Overtime, Saved Views & Trade Report

We're excited to share these very helpful new features with you:

  • Customize Overtime per Employee
  • New Report for Approved Trades
  • Save Your Favorite Schedule View

Calculating Overtime with Work Groups 

Now you can create and calculate overtime specific to each employee!  Create groups and choose when and how overtime is earned.

Here are a few examples of what Overtime Rules can do:

  • Begin calculating one group of employee's weekly overtime at 56 hours and another at 40 hours
  • Review overtime hours while scheduling employees
  • Easily view reports to see when staff are working overtime for the week, month, pay period, etc.

Want help getting started? Call today: 888-749-5550

A New Trade Report

Want to view all approved trades in one place? You can! Compare the number of shifts worked vs. offered and quickly check to see who owes who a shift.
Learn More

Create a View that Works Best

Now you can save custom views in the Work Schedules and Hourly Editor. This makes it possible to quickly toggle between different view settings.
Learn More

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