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Friday, May 1, 2015

Save Work Schedule and Hourly Editor Views

A new feature has been added to the Aladtec system that allows the display options in the Work Schedules and Hourly Editor to be saved. This makes it possible to quickly toggle between different views.

How it Works

Under the Edit link in all Work Schedule pages and the Hourly Editor, members and administrators will see a Save As button. Once a particular view has been saved, it will display under the View drop down menu as shown below.

Daily Blocks page showing the Save As button under the edit link

Example Uses

If there are multiple schedules that cover a certain region, save one view for each region.

Weekly Shifts page showing saved views for different regions

It can be useful to only see time off, trades and sign ups. Save a view that has all schedules unchecked.

Monthly Calendar page with a saved view displaying sign ups, time off and trades

From the Hourly Editor, create a view that displays only Full Time, Part Time, or Volunteer employees in the Member Availability.

Hourly Editor page with saved views for employee types


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