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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Approved Trade Hours Report

A new detailed trade report has been added under the Reports tab in the Aladtec system. Previously, viewing trade history could require navigating to different parts of the system to get all the information required. Administrators now have a centralized location in the system where they can:

  • View all trades within a selected time frame
  • Compare the number of shifts worked vs. offered
  • Evaluate total hours or shifts traded by members
  • Quickly check to see who owes who a shift

Here are a couple examples of the types of information that can easily be obtained with this report.

Example of Approved Trade Report showing a swap

Example of Approved Trade Report showing a person giving away more shifts than they are working


Let us know what you think - we intend to add new functions to this report based on customer feedback. 888-749-5550 or or feel free to comment below

If you need more information on how Trades work, check out our Trades post.

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