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Friday, November 14, 2014

Getting Started with Works Groups

Many of our customers have asked for more flexibility when applying rules to specific groups of employees. We have listened to this request and implemented an exciting new feature: Work Groups!

Previously, options within Work Limits, Trades, Sign Ups and Availability, could only be applied system wide to all employees. Administrators can now create unique settings for these options in Work Groups and assign members to a Work Group based on their role in the organization.

Work Group Abilities

  • Create Work Groups with unique settings for Availability, Sign Ups, Trades and Work Limits.
  • Allow full time members to exceed 40 hours per week, while part time employees require admin approval and/or a 30 hour limit.
  • Allow one group to have sign ups and trades automatically approve, and another group require approval.
  • Control notifications to send to admins only if certain employees submit a Trade or Sign Up requests. 
  • Grant different availability submission options for volunteer, paid or any type of employee.
  • Create an unlimited number of Work Groups.
  • Configure when the individuals in each Work Group start earning overtime.

Get Started 

Work Group settings are located under the Work Groups section in the Setup Menu. Get started by clicking, ‘Add Work Group’. Take a look at the instructional video to learn how it works.

Let us Help

Aladtec’s support is exceptional. Let us guide you through setting up your work groups. If you have any questions on Work Groups or any other part of the system, please give us a call at 888-749-5550 or email

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