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Friday, May 9, 2014

Tech Tip and New Feature: Required Message Enhancements

Keeping employees informed with critical updates and information is made easy with a feature called Required Messages. This feature allows administrators to force a message to display, right when members log in. Let's explore how it works, as well as the recent enhancement.

Create a Required Message

Required Messages can be accessed by hovering over the home tab, and selecting Required Messages. Next, click Create Message.

A message needs three parts:
  • Title
  • Message body
  • Any number of recipients
Select which members sees the message using the list on the right-hand side.  Members can be selected individually be name or by access level. Finally, click Save and members will start seeing the post when logging in.

What a Required Message Looks Like

When a member logs in, the message will appear before seeing anything else in the system. They must read and verify the message by checking the accompanying checkbox. Clicking on any other navigation in the system will always bring them back to the required message.

View Past Messages

Administrators can view all past required messages they have posted, as well as the date the message was read by each member. A recent enhancement now allows members to also view past messages.

To view a list of past messages, hover over the Home tab and click Required Messages. Expand the full contents of the message by clicking on the + icon.

 In Closing...

We hope you find that Required Messages greatly improves accountability and communication. If you have any comments or questions, feel free to reply to this post below or give us a call at 888-749-5550.

Have a fantastic day!

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