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Monday, April 28, 2014

Upcoming Shift Reminders

Aladtec makes viewing schedules and employees' upcoming shifts very easy. Whether members prefer to view shifts from a computer over the web or on a smartphone, there should never be a misunderstanding about when to work. In addition to these great features, employees can now receive a reminder by email or text message, 24 hours before their shift starts.

Enabling Upcoming Shift Notifications

To enable this feature, check the appropriate messaging types on each member’s My Info page. Each member can choose to receive either email or text message notifications by checking the applicable box.

How Upcoming Shift Notifications Work

Let’s take an example: If you work at 8:00 AM tomorrow, you’ll receive a notification at 8:00 AM today. It’s as easy as that! Notifications are also sent when making last minute scheduling changes within 24 hours of the shift starting. For example, I schedule someone to start at 8:00 AM tomorrow, but it’s already noon today. The system will send a new notification to alert your member of the change.

What is sent in the Reminder

Text Reminder: You are schedule to work on (Schedule) - (Position) at (Date/Time). Log in for schedule notes.

Email Reminder:


You are scheduled for:

(Schedule) >>> (Position) >>> (Date) at (Time)
NOTE: (The daily schedule note if applicable)

 In Closing...

We hope you find an improvement in your day-to-day tasks with this new feature. If you have any questions, please feel free to give our support line a ring at 888-749-5550. Have a great day!


  1. Love this new feature - would be even better if it included the schedule the employee was scheduled to work - right now it just gives the day/time.

  2. We're glad you like this new feature. We are adding the schedule name, as you suggested, in our next round of updates. It should be out within a couple weeks.
    ~ Dave