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Monday, April 21, 2014

New Feature: Member Database Configurator

A large part of workforce management is tracking an endless amount of employee information. Every service is different and requires a different set of employee data. Aladtec's Member Database is the perfect tool for storing and viewing this information because of its extreme flexibility.  

To set up the Member Database for your unique needs, use our Member Database Configurator. The Configurator lets you choose the exact employee information to be stored and how it will be organized.  

Where is the Configurator Located?

As an administrator, login to your system and hover over Members. Select Member Database Configurator.

How Do I Use The Configurator?

The Configurator is based on Sections and Fields. The first section is generated automatically and included with all systems. It includes required information and can not be removed.  


Custom Sections can be added by simply dragging one in from the list on the left. By clicking the drop down menu in the upper right of each section, there can be up to three columns, giving more flexibility to arrange data.


A variety of fields can be added to each section by simply dragging them from the list on the left into a section. Fields can be rearranged by dragging them within sections.  

Drag and Drop

The available Fields are as follows: 
  • Text (names, address, job title, etc.)
  • Select List (uniform size options, gender, etc.)
  • Multi Option (qualifications, etc.)
  • Date (Date of Birth, training dates, etc.)
  • Date Expiration (certifications, driver license expiration, etc.)
  • Number (employee ID, state ID license, etc.)

Edit the details of a field by hovering over the field and clicking on the pencil icon. Depending on the type of field, there are various options that can be configured, including the ability to make required fields. 

In Closing...

We hope you find an improvement in your day-to-day tasks with the Member Database Configurator. If you have any questions, please feel free to give our support line a ring at 888-749-5550. Have a great day!


  1. How do I delete a member?

  2. How do I remove a resigned employee and duplicate employee entries?

    Thanks for the help

    1. Hi Frank, you can set any resigned employees and duplicates to "Inactive" which will remove them from other parts of the system. On the member database, hover over their name and choose "Set to Inactive".


  3. Hello
    I am reading that there is no way to remove duplicate members or members that are no longer employed. Other than to move them to the inactive list. Does the inactive list length effect the max amount of employee's that you can have cost wise.

    Or am I missing how to actually remove them completely from the system.


    1. Hello Pat,

      Great question! You are correct that when a member is no longer employed with your service, you can move them to the inactive list. This will remove them from the schedule in the future, and disable their ability to access the system.

      Inactive members do NOT count against your total members relating to cost.

      Please feel free to contact us if you’d like to discuss this further at or 888-749-5550.

      Thank you,

      Aladtec Support