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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

New Features: Trade System Gets Makeover!

New Functions and  Consistency
 Your EMS ManagerFire Manager or Zanager system has received a makeover of sorts.  Some things have been added and existing items have been engineered toward better usability and understanding.  If you currently use our trades system you will notice these changes.  If you do not use our trades system, or you have used it in the past without success, I encourage you to give it another try!

Update #1-
Pending trades now show as
"Requested" on your work schedule views.  

Work Schedule view of pending trade

This will help you know the status of a particular trade when you glance at your work schedule.  *Administrators can also process trades right from here as well!

Update #2-
Trades that have been requested or approved will now show on the "My Schedule" page for each member involved.  
*With a quick hover you can view the details of the trade.

View of Trade information on the My Schedule page

Update #3-
When removing scheduled time that is associated with a trade, the administrator will receive the option to:
Delete Time & Cancel Trade
-This removes the time from the schedule for the person who accepted the trade.
-It will earmark the trade as Canceled on the "Change Requests" page and in subsequent reports.
-It will remove the trade notification on the "Work Schedule" views.
*It does not put the person who was originally scheduled back on the schedule.

Only Delete Time
-This only removes the time from the schedule for the person who accepted the trade.
-It keeps the record of the trade in the "Change Requests" page and on subsequent reports.
*This will not put the person originally scheduled back on the schedule.

Screenshot of Hourly Editor when deleting scheduled time

If you currently are not using the Trades System option and would like more information about it please give us a call at 888-749-5550.  And as always...feel free to contact us with any questions, comments or suggestions. 

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