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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Tech Tip: New Years Resolution- Get Organized!!!

New Years Resolution - Get Organized!!!
three things that will help
So you've decided that this year is going to be different you're going to start working out, eating right and finally get yourself (and others) organized.  Well the first two we can't help you with...but getting organized...that's where we shine!  In order to get organized you have to have the proper tools.  Did you know that your EMS Manager, Fire Manager or Zanager system has the necessary tools for you to keep an organized thriving agency, or business, without using other software or old techniques.  Here are some tools that will help you keep at least one New Years resolution!

Member Database Management

You can collect and manage all of your employee data in a single location by utilizing the Member Database. Here are a few things you can keep track of to stay organized:
  • General & Emergency Contact Information
  • Certifications & Licenses
  • Skills, Continuing Education & Specialties
  • Badge Numbers & Uniform Information
  • Vehicle Maintenance Records & Gear Inventory
  • Time Off Accrual Profiles, Seniority & Start Dates
*Just about anything you would like to associate to a member can be added to your system to track.

Library Storage Space
If you have important files and documents you can store them in your system's library, which includes 200 gigs of storage.  Store anything...from Word documents to training videos...whatever you store, your members can access the Library 24/7/365 from anywhere, including smart phones and any other web enabled mobile device.

For Example: If you need to get a specific 
document into the hands of all your members, 
simply place the document into your system's 
"Library" and then send a mass email (from the Member Database) telling staff where to access it.  
They log into your company's system, head to the library and will access it immediately. 

No more hunting around for attachments in emails and no more navigating to other storage places on the exists where you want it and everyone on your staff to be...on your own system!

Centralized Communication
Lastly...another great way to get organized is being able to centralize your communication channels.  Not only can you use your system's Forum for discussions and sharing ideas, but you can also use it as a message board to post specific information for only certain members based on their "Access Level." So your crew members can safely, securely and privately evaluate your trainees without the need for another long meeting.  
They simply speak freely and you compile the information 
in order to make an informed decision about your new hires.  

For example, one of our customers uses it to keep track of their facility cleaning duties.  Instead of employees showing up at the station and seeing a paper list hanging on the wall with 2 hours worth of work, staff can go into the "Forum", pull up the topic that lists all the duties for the day and see how much time they will need set aside to get these duties done...before their shift starts.  A virtual task list of sorts!

We all know New Years resolutions are hard to keep but here at Aladtec we want you to know we're here to help!  Give us a call or shoot us an email if you have any questions or if you need help with something on your system.  We are not exercise gurus or you are still on your own there...

Happy New Year!

Aladtec Support

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