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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

New Features: Events Editor Has Moved!

Why we made the change
logical accessibility

As we continue to make EMS Manager, FIRE Manager and Zanager better and easier to use...from time to time...we have to make slight adjustments to where things are located.  In this case, we have moved the "Events Editor" from the tab menu and placed it under the "Work Schedule" tab.  

"Events" are now displayed on each "Work Schedule" view so we believe it's a logical change. This change gives you the ability to add an event easily from any of your "Work Schedule" views.

Here's how it works:
  • Hover over "Work Schedule" and select any of the work schedule views
  • Click on the date that you want to add the event and select "Add Event"  
  • Add the details of your event in the popup window
  • Click "Add Event" button and it automatically adds it to your "Work Schedules"

As always, if you'd like more explanation on this feature, or any other system features, please don't hesitate to call our support team at: 888-749-5550 or send an email to: 

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