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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Tech Tip: Two Quick Work Shortcuts

Quick Work Shortcuts
little things that help in a big way

Remember the slogan: "Because little things mean a lot"?  
Oddly enough, the little things that commercial referenced was toilet paper!
But the phrase is very true when it comes to the little things in life that can make such a difference.  In the case of EMS Manager, Fire Manager and Zanager systems, those little things can add up to a significant amount of time savings. 

Check out these two little shortcuts that mean a lot!

Shortcut #1: In the "Member Availability" section of the "Hourly Editor" you can edit member database information right from there!  

Let's say you were working on the schedule for next month and one of your employees calls you because he purchased a new phone and now has a new number.  Instead of leaving the "Hourly Editor" page and going into the member database, you can click the pencil icon in the member info column and edit his information right there.

(Note: If you need to edit several members information at once, check out this blog on the "Batch Edit" function.) 

Shortcut #2: In the "Repeats and Rotations" section of the "Schedule Editor" you can view a members schedule without leaving the page.

Let's say your shift bidding process is over and you are ready to create rotations for the new year.  You create the rotation successfully but you want to take a quick look at your employee's schedule.  If you click the blue link next to the employees name it will open up their schedule in a new window without moving from the "Repeats and Rotations" page.  Need to see this employee's availability? Click the other icon.

Note: This feature is also available in the "Member Availability" section of your "Hourly Editor" as well as in your "Member Database" section.

Hopefully these two little shortcuts can save you a bit of time...which means a lot!  

As always, if you need more explaining on these features or any other features please don't hesitate to call us or send us an email.
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