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Thursday, November 15, 2012

New Features: Enhanced Hourly Editor

Enhanced Hourly Editor
Powerful tools to speed up your scheduling

One of the most utilized parts of EMS Manager, Fire Manager and Zanager is the Hourly Editor. We know this is where you spend most of your time scheduling people so we enhanced the system to help speed up that process.  

Even though it may not be a new feature, always remember if you have multiple schedules you are trying to edit make sure you utilize the "View Options" link and select only the schedules you want to view.  

Also don't forget the "Find Coverage" functionwill help you find people to work, even at the last minute, by sending out a notification.

You will find a few new updates in the Member Availability section of your Hourly Editor.

#1 - We added a customizable splitter bar that allows you to view a split screen separating the Member Availability portion from the Hourly Editor.  This is helpful when you have several members to choose from  but you are only working on a single schedule.  No more scrolling all the way to the bottom to see if someone is available to work.  If you'd rather not see the splitter bar just drag it all the way to the very bottom and your functionality goes back to the way it used to work.

#2 - We've added a few customizations to the Calculator tool to help manage your workforce and manpower. When you build your schedule you need to be able to know how many hours an employee works and you certainly don't want to pay overtime unless it's absolutely necessary.  Now you can track by the week, month, year to date or by the pay period to make sure you maximize your workforce while minimizing your labor costs. 

Now you can add an additional customizable column to this section for sorting fields from the member database for quicker access of pertinent information.

To see these options click on the "View Options" link toward the upper right hand corner and customize it to how it best suits your needs.

#3 - In order to make room for the new splitter bar we needed to relocate a few things.

You'll notice that the member selector and schedule add button are located at the bottom of your Hourly Editor page.   Also the Blocktime member has been added to the member selector for easier blocking of your open shifts.

For instructions on how to utilize the "Hourly Editor" page check out the video in the Member Help Section of your system or give us a call Toll Free: 888-749-5550 or email:

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