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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Recommendations Make the Working World Go Round

When I need a recommendation for a service provider I turn to my friends, business associates and/or the Internet.  A week or so ago I was considering a visit to a chiropractor, but I had no idea who would be a good choice, so I turned to my friends on facebook and simply asked who they would recommend.  I received a lot of responses and quickly realized we have a number of good options in my small town of only 12,719 people...and apparently a lot of the population is in pain!

Have you ever heard of Angie’s List? Angie Hicks made a very successful business by providing business recommendations for consumers from other consumers.  She created Angie’s List in the mid ‘90’s which now has over 1.5 million subscribers who post nearly 50,000 reviews every month.  It’s basically a website that assembles and verifies consumer reviews of service based companies along with a rating system.  Their slogan is “Reviews you can trust.”  

The good old Better Business Bureau is a long time favorite option too. As a matter of fact is among the 400 most visited websites in the United States. This non-profit organization is celebrating their 100th anniversary this year...congrats!

My request for recommendations made me realize how important a simple recommendation is on an individual service provider.  Ultimately, in my search for a chiropractor, eight different offices were recommended, five of which were recommended by two different people.  And there was only one who received negative feedback. Although my request for a recommendation didn’t include a rating system, the comments left describing their chiropractor of choice sure will help...“she changed my life”; “phenomenal”; “he has a personality, funny dude”; “worked miracles”; and “that guy whips me into shape!”

At Aladtec, we continually hear how new customers decided to subscribe to our online scheduling and workforce management systems (EMS Manager, FIRE Manager and Zanager) because we were recommended by a neighboring EMS Agency or Fire Department.  Thanks for that!

The internet has certainly changed the way we can collect information on a company before making a choice.  However, what hasn’t changed is friends asking friends, colleagues asking colleagues and agencies asking agencies who they would these are reviews you can trust!   As for my need for a chiropractor...I got a massage instead (this time).  I will go back to these recommendations if the time comes however.  In the meantime if you need a recommendation for a massage therapist in Hudson, Terese at Massage Envy!

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