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Monday, July 23, 2012

Tech Tip: System Log Filters

When it comes to EMS Manager, FIRE Manager, and Zanager, every system action is recorded in the System Log. If no filters are selected, the System Log displays each action taken between the chosen date range, in chronological order. This Tech Tip focuses on the various filters available and how to use them to reduce unwanted data and find specific information.

To access the system log, go to the Reports tab and click on System Log

Time Range:
A double date selector, located in the top right of the System Log allows you to select a Time Range in which an action took place. 

Action Taken By Filters results to show only actions carried out by the selected member.

Affected Member Filters results to show only actions causing changes for the selected member.

Action Types Filters results to show only specific action types.  Every type of action is available in the "Action Types" list and only actions that are checked off will be displayed in the System Log.

Use Specific Time Range Filters results to show only actions that AFFECTED the time range selected in this field. This field is used to find an action that AFFECTED the selected time range.

NOTE: Use Specific Time Range is different than the TIME RANGE field located outside of the filter options in the sense that the TIME RANGE limits data displayed to WHEN actions occured, and the Use Specific Time Range limits data to WHEN actions had their affect.

Apply vs. Save As.. Once filters are selected, click either Apply or Save As..   Either will display the results of the chosen filters.  The difference is that Save As.. allows you to save the filter settings and name the custom report so it can be recalled instantly in the future from the View Options pull-down, Apply will not.

Example: To determine how member X was removed from tomorrow's work schedule, use the following filters:
  1. Set the Time Range to include any point in the past until today and then hit Apply
  2. Click Edit and set Affected Member to member X
  3. Check the Use Specific Time Range box and set it to include tomorrow
  4. Click Apply.  The display will refresh to show every action that occurred within the Time Range which AFFECTED member X and AFFECTED tomorrow. The list of actions will contain who and what removed member X from the schedule.

In Closing
The System Log is a powerful tool for determining when changes were made to the system, and who made them - but it can be a bit complicated to use at first.  Hopefully, this Tech Tip will help.  But remember, if you need help with this or any other aspect of EMS Manager, FIRE Manager, or Zanager please don't hesitate to call.  We're here to help.

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