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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

We Like Jaw Jackin’ Big Mouths and WOM!

And by WOM, we do not mean World of Minecraft...we mean Word of in word of mouth advertising or marketing.  At Aladtec, we love it when we discover a current customer recommended us to someone...we believe it means we have solid products, solid customer service and a solid reputation.  Like most companies we track our sales and record how customers hear about us.  WOM is our number one source of leads and we are darn proud of that.

With that said, we don’t rely 100% on WOM.  We have a sales team who make cold calls and close the sales leads, we have a marketing department, we attend trade shows, run print and online ads and we have a social media presence as well.  Social media websites are considered a form of WOM too.  If someone blogs about us, tweets about us or posts how much they like our product on our (or their) facebook page...we are getting “WOM’d”.  

Positive jaw jackin’ WOM is typically triggered when someone is impressed by someone or something. We’ve all done our share of positive, and negative, word of mouth expressing.  “They” say we are much more apt to tell someone else about a negative experience versus a positive one.  That’s why we put a great deal of emphasis on our customer service and tech support.  If a client sends out an S.O.S. for help and gets a poor response, they’ll likely tell others about their frustrating experience and then this bad news spreads to others.  It’s really tough to overcome this negative form of WOM information. However, if they have a great experience they may be pleased but yet not mention it to anyone.

I’ve decided I’m not going to follow what “they” say...and spread negative WOM...I’m going to make a conscious effort to jaw jack some positive WOM.  For instance, I’m very happy to tell you I recommend my hair stylist Kathy at Stewart Anderson Hair Company and I have sent many friends her way over the years.  I recently discovered WESTconsin Credit Union through someone singing their praises and subsequently I am in the process of moving my accounts there, I have already recommended them to others and I posted a glowing report about them on a review site.  There’s a lot of word of mouth activity in the restaurant world...good and bad.  If I have a great experience, or consistently have a good experience, I really do tell other people about it.  For example, the next time you are in Eau Claire or Hudson, Wisconsin or Stillwater, Minnesota you should check out Shanghai Bistro for sushi and other Asian cuisine...oh, and PS...try the Crazy Monkey Roll.  

Please do spread some positive WOM jaw jackin’ today...and to our EMS Manager, FIRE Manager and Zanager customers...thanks for continuing to “WOM” us...we truly do appreciate it!

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