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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

My Journey From Mobile Apparatus to Mobile Application

“Mobile App”...a few years ago I would have thought the phrase meant a mobile apparatus of sorts...a gurney, something that hangs above a crib, a cell phone or maybe an apparatus found only in Mobile, AL.  Today I fully realize “mobile app” is the short version of mobile application...which is a software application made to be used on smartphones and other mobile devices.  

According to Wikipedia, mobile apps were first created to improve productivity and allow users to access email and their calendar.  Soon, everyone jumped on board and some of the most popular apps today are games like the international hit Angry Birds.  My personal favorites are Scrabble and Draw Something which allow you to play with strangers or friends.  I find it easier to be a ruthless opponent with strangers so that’s what I usually do...although I do take pleasure in kicking my 14 year old son’s butt in a game when he’s been particularly sassy.  I also use mobile apps for banking, news alerts, choosing a restaurant, and yes the ridiculous but fun...such as the More Cowbell (I gotta have more cowbell!) and BubbleFree the app that allows you to pop bubble wrap.  Oh, I should also mention, my kids love the whoopie cushion app...they find it hilarious to use it on unsuspecting non-app users like grandparents.

The reason I started thinking about mobile apps was because the company I work for, Aladtec, Inc., just released a new and improved upgrade to our very own mobile app for our products EMS Manager, FIRE Manager and Zanager.  Access to our products via our mobile app is in tune with what mobile apps were originally intended for...increased productivity.  Our customers can access our online employee scheduling and workforce management systems from their smartphone or mobile device from anywhere 24/7/365.  Our most recent release allows anyone with permission to send group messages, sign up for open shifts, requests trades, accept trades, or request time off...all done easily without leaving our mobile web app.

The response from our customers has been great.  Their appreciation and enthusiasm for our mobile app update reminded me of when I was first capable of getting mobile apps on my original iPhone.  I remember someone showing me all the cool apps on his phone and I started downloading like a crazy that was fun!  I still get excited when I discover a new app or one I already use alerts me to their updated version.  Now if I could only get my life insurance company to accept my payments online like every other bill I have to pay.  I’m sure they’ll never have a mobile app!  Seriously folks...come on...well, I guess that’s a topic for another blog.  

In the meantime...if you are a current subscriber to EMS Manager, FIRE Manager or Zanager check out our super cool mobile app update and visit us on facebook to let us know what you think (  If you are interested in one of our products try us out with a free trial subscription here:  Happy mobile apping!


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  2. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and journey! Indeed, technology has fully developed into a more complicated but enjoyable phase!

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