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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Tech Tip: Schedule Characteristics EXPLAINED

I'm the kind of person who likes tweaking settings and parameters in new gadgets. Whether it be a new iPad, a new Blu-Ray player or even a new computer program, I love digging into setups and seeing what kind of customization options I have. Do I break my new shiny gadgets? Not as much anymore! I know not everyone is like me and that is just as well.

With this week's tech tip, I'd like to cover Schedule Characteristics, a great customization tool in your system that I think is worth playing around with as it may greatly improve your EMS Manager, FIRE Manager or Zanager experience.

Located halfway down your options in System Settings is Schedule Characteristics:

Schedule Characteristic allows you to customize how you view your schedules. These settings are broken up into two categories: General Schedule Settings and Monthly Calendar View Settings. Let's go over what each one of these settings does:

General Schedule Settings
  • Default Work Schedule View - This setting determines which work schedule view will load by default when a user clicks on the work schedule tab. This is a useful setting if you and your company prefer looking at the work schedule in a daily format or a week by week format instead of the traditional monthly calendar view. Your options are:
    • Daily Blocks
    • Daily Summary 
    • Weekly Blocks
    • Weekly Shifts
    • Pay Period
    • Custom Range
    • Monthly Calendar
    • Monthly Roster
  • Week Start Day - This setting determines what the global week start day is for your system. This means that whatever day you select, your weekly views will start on this day. This is a useful setting if you prefer not to view weeks as Sunday to Sunday but rather Monday to Monday or whatever your company views work weeks by.
Monthly Calendar View Settings (these settings apply only to the Monthly Calendar View)
  • Monthly Cal Wrap - Just in case the balloon help doesn't explain what this setting does, here's my take on it. If you have shifts that go past midnight and you want to view that shift only on the start day, select "Split shifts at schedule start time." If you want the calendar to split the shift at midnight, showing a shift on the start day and the end day, select "Split shifts at midnight." 
  • Monthly Cal Open Shift Split - This setting determines if you'd like the system to display consecutive open shifts together as one open shift. For example, if your system has four consecutive four hour shifts open (8a-12p, 12p-4p, 4p-8p and 8p-12a), if you select "Split open shifts," all four shifts will display discretely (as their own entry) and if you select "Group open shifts" all four shifts will be grouped into one "8a-12a" entry. The advantage of this setting is if you want to view separate shifts or save visual space on your monthly calendar view.
  • Calendar Week Start Day - This setting will determine which day your monthly calendar view has on the far left. Traditionally, calendars have Sunday on the left, but with this setting, you can have it be any day of the week. This is a personal preference setting meant to give you the option to view your data the way you want to view it.
And of course, like with any system setting, be sure to click "Save Changes" after you've made any adjustments!

If you have any questions about how to use this system setting, please feel free to contact Customer Support at (888) 749-5550 or at

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