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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Tech Tip: Utilize the Power of 'Required Messages'

Many moons ago when I was a public school music teacher, I remember giving students simple assignments to bring to our next class just to make sure music was on their mind. This could've been bringing in a song in 3/4 time or even bringing in examples of song remakes (bring in the original recording and the modern remake). The point was both to get students involved and to keep music on their minds. The neat thing was that even with such a simple assignment, I found that kids always wanted to pick something "really cool" to show off in class.

What does that have to do with Required Messages? A little more than you'd think.

Required Messages started out as a simple feature at the request of many of our users. The idea was to have a mechanism push out important notices or messages to employees whenever they logged in to their EMS Manager, FIRE Manager or Zanager system. Simple and straight-forward and we were happy to see so many of our users adopting this new function right from the start.

But what more could you do with this feature?

Here are a few pointers about Required Messages that might jog the creative juices for finding more uses:
  • Required Messages do not have to be for everyone. 
    • This means that you can send a specific message to a specific employee.
    • This means that you can send a specific message to a group of employees.
  • Required Messages timestamps whenever an employee reads the message.
    • Since you can not completely log in to your system without first reading any required messages sent to you, this will let you know when an employee has read a required message.
    • Sending periodic messages to your entire staff will give you a sense of how often your employees log in to your system.
    • Furthermore, sending periodic messages may even encourage employees to log in more often (a good goal to have!).
  • Required Messages can be exported.
    • Like mentioned above, if you send messages regularly, downloading these reports provide good login statistics.
    • Downloading and archiving your messages is a good idea if you want to trim your running log of messages.
  • Required Messages can be deleted.
    • Regret what you just sent? Delete it!
    • Don't need to keep a log of your messages? Delete them!

If you're already subscribed to an Aladtec system for your place of business, you know that you'll get the most out of it when most or all of your employees use it regularly. Most people have formed the habit to check email everyday at work, why not your EMS Manager, FIRE Manager or Zanager system? Perhaps posting a required message regularly, let's say even weekly, could be a good way to encourage regular usage among your staff.

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