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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Tech Tip: What's Keeping You From Getting Organized?

So you've abandoned your headache-riddled paper schedule and switched to managing your staff with an online employee scheduling system. 


Someone once said, "Organization is the Key to Productivity".

So what's keeping you from taking the next steps in getting ORGANIZED?

The number one reason our users sign up for EMS Manager, FIRE Manager or Zanager is for our advanced scheduling system. With functions like schedule and position qualifications, time tracking, repeating and rotating shifts, availability submission, shift sign-up, etc., our users are having an easier time than ever scheduling their staff. 

But why stop there?

Collect and manage your employee data in the member database like:
  • contact information
  • emergency contact (much more valuable than you'd initially think!)
  • licenses
  • certifications
  • skills
  • continuing education
  • uniform sizes
  • time off accrual
  • etc.

If you have company files, store them in the massive 200GB library. This gives you access to these files anywhere you have an Internet connection 24/7, just like your schedule. Why keep files spread out across different computers when you can them all in the EMS Manager, FIRE Manager, or Zanager?

The forum is another powerful tool. On the surface, the forum seems useful for company-wide communication, and it is. It's an organized place for discussion, sharing of ideas and in some cases, tracking of data...but the forum can be so much more than that. The forum includes access level control when creating categories which means you can create categories with access given only to certain members in your organization. This opens the forum up to be a database for all kinds of information for all or specific groups of people.

The events calendar is a handy place to let members of your organization know about things like upcoming meetings, guests in the office, even payday. The events schedule also includes an event block (give us a call if you want help in setting this up) which allows you to broadcast all or certain events to the public. 

Lastly, each member's schedule and the events calendar are all subscription calendars. This means that if you already use Outlook, Google Calendar, iCloud, Yahoo! Calendars or the like for your own personal calendar management (and you should!), adding your work schedule and work's event calendar will make your or any of your members' life more organized.

So there you have it. Spring cleaning is around the corner. Use this time to not only take full advantage of your Aladtec online employee scheduling system but to get organized and more productive!

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