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Friday, February 3, 2012

Tech Tip: 6 Computer Tips for Getting More Out of Your Online Employee Scheduling System

A while back, I wrote a blog entry on using your work schedule as a wall calendar with a TV and one on using tabbed browsing with your Aladtec online employee scheduling system. Both tips featured modern computing technology to get you more out of your system. Because EMS Manager, FIRE Manager and Zanager are web-based applications, they take full use of current and developing technologies.

Here are six tips to make your online employee scheduling better!

  • Display Resolution - Are you getting the most out of your display? Whether you are on Windows or Mac OS X, check your computer's system settings to set your display at the highest resolution you are comfortable with. The higher the resolution, the more you can fit on your screen. (minimum of 720p)

  • Hide Unnecessary Toolbars - I always encourage friends to learn and use keyboard shortcuts instead of relying on a pointing device like a mouse or trackpad - you'd be surprised how much faster it is! Think about it, everyone knows Ctrl-C and Ctrl-V for copy and much slower would it be to always go up to the Edit menu? For this example, I like to hide bookmark bars, search bars and even the address bar. Hiding these can reclaim A LOT of vertical space:
  • Zoom Text - While each web browser may use something different, usually Ctrl + and Ctrl - will increase or decrease the size of the font on the page you're on; on a Mac, it's Cmd + and Cmd -. If you have a trackpad or a scrolling mouse, usually scrolling up and down while holding down the appropriate key will do the same thing.

  • Refresh - Just in case you didn't know this, F5 on Windows keyboards will typically refresh the page you're on; on a Mac, it's Cmd-R.

  • Horizontal Scrolling - This is commonly found on laptops with trackpads where you can scroll left and right by two-finger swiping left and right. Some mice with scroll wheels will allow you to assign a key to scroll left and right. This is incredibly useful on large member database views. It's much easier than moving your mouse cursor to the corners of the web browser.

  • Find - This is a classic. Here's a useful shortcut that is especially useful for a large member database view. On Windows, Ctrl-F, on Mac, Cmd-F. Let's say you have a lot of information on one screen. Instead of eye-scanning for a particular member or  piece of information, simply conduct a "find" and the browser will highlight all instances of your search. This is great if you're looking for how many times a word or term shows up on a view or report.

With how quickly web technologies evolve, there are better and faster ways to do things you routinely do. If you rely on a cloud service like EMS Manager, FIRE Manager or Zanager, do yourself a favor and see if there are shortcuts to do the things you do all the time. Saving a few seconds a few dozen times an hour can save you a whole lot more in the end.

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  1. Thanks for the feedback, Bryan! We're all about sharing the knowledge!