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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Press Release: Camden First Aid Association Chooses EMS Manager For Online Employee Scheduling

Camden First Aid Association's (CFAA) Brian Wright, EMT-I, was kind enough to tell us a bit about his department's EMS Manager experience. Wright, who is a system administrator, shared how things have changed for the better since switching to online employee scheduling.

CFAA traded-in countless phone calls and desk calendars covered in white-out for a scheduling system where members sign up for shifts at their convenience. In fact, "the schedule pretty much fills itself," says Wright who also shared that, 

“With online scheduling, membership now looks at the schedule at their convenience. It gives everyone the chance to look at the schedule at any time of day from a computer or smartphone and by doing that, members actually take the time to sign up for shifts."

Before switching, what used to take 40 hours now takes 10 hours giving Wright and CFAA time back to focus on providing pre-hospital care for the Maine towns of Camden, Rockport, Hope and Lincolnville.

We'd like to thank Brian Wright and everyone at Camden First Aid Association for choosing EMS Manager and for sharing their story with us.

Click here for the complete press release.