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Monday, January 30, 2012

Is My Company Too Small For Online Employee Scheduling?

A month ago, I wrote a blog entry called "But Why ONLINE Employee Scheduling" which explored the many benefits cloud computing brought to your employee scheduling and workforce management. From dynamically updated data and virtually unlimited space, cloud computing provides convenient access to all of your information anywhere and anytime. 

For users of EMS Manager, FIRE Manager and Zanager, having their employee schedule and member database online means members can:

  • submit availability
  • trade or giveaway shifts
  • submit time off requests
  • sign up for open shifts 
  • and even hold conversations over their own system-hosted forum 
whenever it is convenient for them and on nearly any Internet-enabled device.

Over 750 unique businesses and public safety agencies across the United States and Canada use an Aladtec system, ranging anywhere from 12 users to over 400 users, in one office or over 15 stations. I'm often asked what the typical size of our customer is and it's actually quite difficult to say. We have a diverse range of customers from volunteer services to large multi-location health providers who use our products in their own unique ways. 

As you're reading this, you may be saying to yourself, "it all sounds nice and it makes sense for large companies," but I'm here to say that you may be selling you and your business short. If your business has a flexible schedule and employees who work varied shift times, managing your employee scheduling online may make things as easy as they should be. If you find yourself spending more time than you can afford working on schedules, trying to get in contact with employees or juggling notes, emails and voicemails just to start putting together a schedule, consider managing all of that in one place. 

The obvious benefit of employee scheduling online is that you have access 24/7 and from anywhere. This means that even after you've left the office, you can work on the schedule from home without worrying about syncing files or any of that ancient nonsense. Or maybe you work multiple jobs. You'll now have the convenience of working on your other job's schedule from home - or during your lunch break ;-) 

But here's the more likely work at a small business where you're forced to wear many hats, one of which is putting the schedule together. By the time the work bell rings to go home, you haven't even begun to look at all the requests and notes to start working out the next schedule. So what do you do? Work late? Come in early? Bring everything with you and work on it at home? The question here you need to ask yourself is...

How much is your time worth to you?

Giving you and your employees a tool where everyone can help make this necessary evil easier is a better idea than you think. Imagine a system where your employees aren't emailing you, leaving you voicemail or random notes on your desk but rather submitting electronic requests in an easy to manage system. How much time is spent gathering information before you actually start working on the schedule? Having a system where all data is centralized and scheduling your staff can be as simple as clicking "approve" or "deny," not only saves time for you, it gets your staff involved. It makes for a better and more equitable work ecosystem complete with a digital paper trail. 

Why not give it a try? See how the time savings translates into cost savings. With Aladtec online employee scheduling systems, you get a satisfaction guarantee allowing you to cancel at any time during the first year. Don't keep telling yourself you can't afford it without really knowing how much a difference it will actually make in your operations. 

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