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Monday, October 10, 2011

Lifestar Ambulance's Stephanie Fowler Burt says, "Goodbye paper schedules...Hello web-based scheduling!"

Stephanie Fowler Burt
Human Resources Manager
Lifestar Ambulance, Salisbury, MD
This month's EMS PRO MAG features a story by Lifestar Ambulance's (Salisbury, MD) Stephanie Fowler Burt from April 2011. "Goodbye Paper Schedules...Hello Web-Based Scheduling," goes over their switch from paper scheduling to online employee scheduling from start to finish.

Fowler Burt talks about the decision to go with online scheduling..."We were interested in online scheduling because we felt that it would provide us with the immediacy and efficiency that we were seeking. Rapid responses and real-time data were mission critical."

Lifestar Ambulance chose EMS Manager for their scheduling needs saying that, "Combining our administrative team’s “wish list” and our employees’ input helped narrow down the search and ultimately choose the right vendor for our company. Aladtec’s EMS online scheduling program, EMS Manager, is designed specifically for our field so we didn’t have to explain the interesting dynamics of EMS scheduling. They had already solved many of our problems because they had previously answered these same questions for other EMS companies." 

We're always happy to see these testimonies and we're glad Stephanie shared her story with the rest of the world. To read the entire story, click here.

In closing, here's what Stephanie had to say about the switch..."Since our move from the dark ages of paper schedules to a web-based system, we have seen a significant change and overall improvement in our daily operations. Our only regret: we should have done it sooner!"

Thanks, Stephanie! We're happy to help!

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