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Friday, September 16, 2011

Tech Tip: Group Messaging - Who? Sent what?!

System Log Filters have been out for awhile but some of you may not be aware how flexible it is. Many of our users have shared with us how having a log of every action taken in their system has provided great assurance and accountability for any changes done to the system. Another great advantage to online employee scheduling! No need for a paper log! 

Here's an example of how system log filtering gets you the data you want.

Have you ever wondered who sent a group message (from the member list), what the message was, and to whom it was sent? Easy! Simply go to Reports/System Log and modify your filters to only show "Group Message(s)." You will get a list based on your date/time filters of every message sent and who sent it. Click on the "details" to find out what the message was. 

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