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Monday, August 15, 2011

Tech Tip: Inactivate Members for Good Housekeeping

"I have a few employees on leave for 3 months. I don't want to remove them from our system, but I don't need to see their names when I'm working on the schedule."

If this has ever happened to you, we have a great tip for you today! In the member database, you can inactivate a member which will prevent the member from logging in and the member will not be eligible to be scheduled. 

You can activate the member at any time and resume scheduling as usual.

Inactivating a member doesn't "delete" them from your system and preserves all data attributed to the member from past schedules. This way, you never lose any data on ANYONE and you can inactivate members who have permanently left your company or just temporarily.


  1. So how do you reactivate a member in FireMgr. You example doesn't correspond to Fire Mgr.

  2. Hello Anonymous,
    This, and all Tech Tips, correspond to any of our systems (FireManager, EMSManager and Zanager) and has the same functionality.

    To "re-activate" a member:
    -Click on the "Members" tab
    -Then click on the blue "Edit" link in the upper right hand corner
    -From the "Member Status" drop down select "Inactive" and click apply.
    This will show you all of the inactive members on your system.

    Then repeat the steps from this Tech Tip with the exception of selecting "Active" from the Status drop down menu.

    Note: After you are finished return to the "Edit" link and select "Active" from the Member Status drop down so you can return to seeing only those members who are Active.

    If you need further assistance please feel free to contact us anytime.

  3. Why can't we permanently delete members who are no longer employed with the organization?

    I have one member that died, numerous that have left the area, many who have left the industry and a couple who've been fired. I'll never need to re-activate these people and don't even care to see them on the "inactive" side.

  4. Thank you for contacting us. Members can not be deleted to ensure their employment history is not accidentally deleted. This allows you to look back at hours worked that you may need in the future. However, if you need the individuals deleted, this can be completed by contacting Aladtec Support at 888-749-5550. Thank you, Jim