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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Online Employee Scheduling Makes Life Easier for James Rattunde from Necedah Fire & Rescue

Chief Jim Rattunde from Necedah Fire & Rescue (Necedah, WI) contributed a story to EMS Pro Mag, Vol. 3 Issue 5 entitled, "Never Too Late For New Technology."

Rattunde, who has been a FF/EMT for over 36 years, doesn't consider himself computer-savvy but shares how easy EMS Manager is to use. He writes, "With so much to offer, we wanted to get online scheduling implemented as quickly as possible.  Personally, I had a lot of faith in our members being able to pick up this new system - I figured if I could learn how to use the system so quickly, certainly all the younger members could pick it up even quicker.  And they did.  We let everyone know we’d be using this new system and before we even had our small training and orientation, most of our members had already logged in and started getting acquainted with it.  This made training very easy.  We went over the different sections of the system for members and we were up and running."

Using newer technology like a cloud-based employee schedule makes life easier. Rattunde shares that, "Having a unified schedule and database online makes a once daunting task now much easier.  Peggy Beise, our Deputy Chief, accesses the system via her smartphone to check the schedule and to have our member’s contact information handy.  For me - I opted for a laptop which is installed in my car with 3G access allowing me to stay on top of things when I’m not in the station or my own office."

In closing, Rattunde remarks that..."Overall, beyond knowing we’re staffed 24/7/365, we see the biggest return on investment in not having to constantly run over to the station to check the schedule.  Time is money and our scheduling process before switching to online scheduling cut into our time way more than it ever should have.  Even as a subscription service, there is no doubt in my mind that EMS Manager has saved us money, not cost us money."

Read Jim's story here.

Thank you, Jim, for sharing your experience with EMS Manager!

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