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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Andrew Blackwood's & Queen Anne's County EMS' Journey Into Online Employee Scheduling

EMS Sergeant, Andrew Blackwood of Queen Anne's County DES EMS in Centreville, MD, wrote a great story about his and QACDES' experience switching to online scheduling.

In Vol 2, Issue 10 of EMS Pro Mag, Andrew provided a communications editorial focus that landed him on the front cover! 

Prior to switching, Blackwood writes that, "It seemed that no sooner was a schedule created than it was being changed. When we printed it to hand out to employees, sometimes the ink wouldn’t even be dry before a change had been made and the previous version was out of date. Our 'master schedule' would often be covered in so much whiteout that it felt like cardstock." I'm sure many services can relate!
In looking for a solution, Blackwood states that, "Having a single, real-time, always accurate schedule was of utmost importance to us.  We wanted to be sure that administrators and members alike were looking at the same schedule at all times." 

In regards to time-savings, Blackwood writes that, "In the past, we spent an enormous amount of time picking up the phone and calling or emailing members to find coverage and coordinate time-off as well as trades.  With the new system many of these tasks are now automated and everything is at your fingertips.  I can truly say that EMS Manager returns man-hours to you; I went from spending fifteen hours a week to two on the schedule!"
Queen Anne's County DES EMS has been using EMS Manager for their online employee scheduling and workforce management for nearly two years. At the time of publication, Blackwood shared that, "We’re a little over a year into using EMS Manager and we have already received an estimated overtime savings of $40,000, a 70% reduction in unscheduled overtime."
We love hearing these stories and we're even happier to know that our little product is making life easier for nearly 700 unique services around the world. Andrew, if you're reading this, thanks for sharing your experience!  

To read Andrew Blackwood's story, click here.

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