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Friday, June 10, 2011

Tech Tip: Use Tabbed Browsing for More Flexibility

As developers of an online web application, we love modern web technologies. One of our favorites that got very popular this past decade is tabbed browsing. Nearly every web browser supports tabs, allowing you to have multiple pages open in one window. Using tabbed browsing, you can keep the page you're on open and open another page on its own tab. 

In this example, I right-clicked on "Reports" and got a contextual menu with an option to "Open Link in New Tab." You will probably have a similar option in whichever web browser you are using.

Each browser may have tabbed browsing on or off by default. Here's where the setting is in Safari...
 and in Firefox...
and in Internet Explorer...

Google Chrome is such a supporter of tabbed browsing, I don't even think there's an option to turn it off!

Since Aladtec online employee scheduling systems are fully dynamic, keeping multiple tabs open is more than fine. Change information on one section of the system, switch to a tab, refresh the screen, and your data is current. 

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