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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Tech Tip: Block Time & Open Shifts

Did you know that you can fill all your open shifts with an employee we call “block time”?
Let's say you've just finished your July schedule and you have open shifts that don’t really need to be filled. Or maybe you use a schedule for special events and don’t want it showing “Open Shift” on days you don’t have an event. Or maybe you want to block off time after your members have signed up for their shifts. To do this in one shot, follow these steps:

• Click on Schedule Editor/Repeats and Rotations 
• Select "BLOCK TIME" from the Employee pull-down 
• Select "ALL SCHEDULES" (or a specific schedule) from the Schedule pull-down
• Select "All Positions" from the Position Slot pull-down
• Select the the entire date range you'd like to block out on your schedule 
• Check off every day of the week and the appropriate time range (e.g. 00:00 - 00:00 (next day))
• Click on "Continue" to block out all open times on your schedule



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