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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

New Features: Time Off Accrual, Enhanced Work Limits, Required Messages

We recently rolled out some new features that are available in all systems. So if you're already using EMS Manager, FIRE Manager or Zanager, check it out!

Time Off Accrual
This new feature introduces a new concept called "Time Off Profiles." Time Off Profiles are used to designate one of more time off policies. Each employee can have one Time Off Accrual Profile. The system allows you to set up as many Time Off Profiles as needed to accommodate different employee time off policies. Once your Time Off Profiles are in place, the system will automatically track time off as it is accrued and automatically deduct time off as it is used.
Want to use this feature now but your members already have banked hours? No problem. On each member's profile, you can manually add or subtract hours from their time off bank. You can turn this feature on under Setup/Time Off.
Enhanced Work Limits
In addition to "Show A Warning" and "Do Not Allow," you now have an "Admin Approval Required" option for work limits.When a member signs up for a shift that would violate a work limit, a message will pop-up explaining which limit will be violated. The user will then have the option to cancel the request or submit it. Administrators are then able to deny the request of approve it with the knowledge that it has violated work limits.
You can turn this feature on under Setup/Work Limits.
Required Messages
Required Messages are displayed for anyone or everyone the next time they log in to your system. A confirmation is required to continue into the system.
The systems tracks who has and who has not viewed each message. To use this feature, administrators can click on the "Required Messages" link under the Home Tab.
Fingerprint Scanners for Time Clock
The biometric fingerprint scanner installer for Windows 7 is now working. Due to recent changes in Java, however, you may experience some delays during the installation process. For help with installing your fingerprint scanner, or to purchase additional scanners, please contact our support team at (888) 749-5550.

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