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Monday, January 25, 2016

Form Field Notifications

We are excited to announce a significant enhancement to how notifications are sent from form submissions.  In the Form Configurator, you can now set up certain fields to notify personnel when a specific value is selected.  Here are a few examples of how this can be useful:
  • Create a Repair Form to route a message to specific employees based on the equipment that needs repair. 
  • For forms that require employees to enter expiration dates, set up a notification to send to select individuals if the date entered is in the past, or is X number of days in the future.
  • Let the person submitting the form choose who is notified by configuring a Members Smart Field with notifications.
Take a look at the instructional video.

Please don’t hesitate to contact our Support Team at or 888.749.5550.

Friday, January 8, 2016

Find Coverage Alert Enhancement: Select Members based on Work Groups

Find Coverage Alerts allow administrators to easily notify eligible members of an open shift. We recently updated how members can be selected to include Access Levels and Work Groups.  Previously, there were only options to send to all eligible recipients or select individuals from a list.

This allows for more flexibility to quickly select groups of people. For example, If you need to send a Find Coverage Alert to the full-time employees, select the full-time Work Group and it will automatically include the appropriate personnel.

Find Coverage Alert Page

If you have any questions, please leave a comment or give us a call at 888-749-5550.

Monday, December 21, 2015

Form Settings Enhancement: Select Members based on Work Groups

When configuring Forms, administrators can now setup permissions and notifications based on Work Group. The purpose of this update is to make selecting groups of members easier.  For example, if only supervisors are permitted to submit the Employee Review Form, select the Supervisor Work Group when configuring Form permissions.

Administrators can access Form Settings in the Form Configurator.

The Forms Settings Pop-up in the Form Configurator

If you need any assistance configuring Work Groups or Forms, please don't hesitate to contact us by leaving a comment or calling us at 888-749-5550.

Friday, December 11, 2015

Required Messages Enhancement: Post to Work Groups

Required Messages allow administrators to force a message to display, right when members log in. We recently added a new option that allows Work Groups to be selected when deciding which members will view the Required Message.

This allows for more flexibility to quickly select groups of people.  For example, if an administrator needs to post a Required Message to the Full Time employees, select the Full Time Work Group and it will automatically include the appropriate personnel.

Required Messages Page

If you have any questions, please leave a comment or give us a call at 888-749-5550.

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

My Schedule

The ‘My Schedule’ page is the most important part of Aladtec that members should understand.  The majority of what a typical member needs to accomplish in the system can be done directly from this page. Administrators can also find this page useful for submitting requests on behalf of their members.

Access the ‘My Schedule’ page by hovering over Work Schedule and clicking My Schedule. Here is a list of all the functions that can be accomplished from ‘My Schedule’.

  • View scheduled shifts
  • View and add events
  • Submit availability
  • Submit time off
  • Request and respond to trade requests
  • Sign up for open shifts
  • Configure iCal options
  • Submit time off on behalf of a member (Admin Only)
  • Request a trade on behalf of a member (Admin Only)

The My Schedule Page

Please contact us if you require any assistance using the My Schedule page or any other part of the system.  888-749-5550 or

Thursday, November 19, 2015

New Feature: Daily Schedule Notes put important schedule details just a click away

Administrators can now attach daily notes to each schedule. This helps communicate extra information to employees about shifts. Notes can be added, edited, and viewed from both the desktop app and the mobile web app.

Notes can be a huge help. Here are some ideas:

  • Provide extra details about special event schedules.
    Example Note: Please meet at the West Gate of the Stadium.

  • List information to employees about what tasks are due.
    Example Note: Please fill out your Rig Check and Supervisor Log at the end of your shift.

  • Give details about an employee leaving early or arriving late.
    Example Note: Paulina had childcare issues so she will be in at 9:10am.

  • Keep a daily log for the schedule.
    Example Note: **Took report from # 16-J, signed control drugs - short 1 Fentanyl from Medic # 2 earlier call
    Checked unit
    **Washed unit

How to Locate the “Add Note” Link 

Notes can be added by Admins with scheduling authority. The popup menu to ‘Add Note’ is found when you hover on schedule names or dates in the Work Schedule Views, My Schedule, and the Hourly Editor.

Schedule “Duty Crew” before hover

On hover, popup menu shows “Add Note” link

Using the “Add Note” Link

When you click the “Add Note” link, you will then see a lightbox like the one below. This is your workspace to create your note. Notice that at the bottom of the lightbox, you also have the option to include your note in Shift Reminders. Learn more about this in the Shift Reminders Blog.

“Add Note” lightbox with “Include in Shift Reminders” enabled.

After creating and saving the new note, a small yellow note icon icon-note-12.png will appear on the schedule.

“Duty Crew” now has a yellow note icon

Viewing an Existing Note

When a note is added, all Members who can work, edit, or view that schedule will be able to preview and read the entire note. A preview of the note is shown when you hover on the note icon icon-note-12.png.

Hover preview of a note on the Monthly Calendar
The complete note, and more note details, can be viewed in the lightbox when you click the note icon icon-note-12.png.

Note Details - Members view

Note Details - Administrator view with editing access

Editing a Note & Note History

Admins can edit the note by either clicking directly on the note icon or by hovering on the schedule name to see the popup menu and clicking the “Edit Note” link.

Popup menu now has “Edit Note” link due to pre-existing note

The “Edit Note” lightbox lets Admins edit note text. Admins and Members can both see the “Note History” section which displays when a note added, edited and by whom. Admins extra access and can click on previous versions of the note to read them.

Note History Details - Administrator view

What do you think?

Customer feedback is very important to Aladtec. We base many enhancements and features on the needs of our customers. Please let us know what you think. Call 888-749-5550 write us at

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Embed Your Aladtec Events into any Website

The Event Block feature in Aladtec allows the ability to place a list of upcoming events onto a company's website or intranet site. The list pulls the events from the Aladtec Events Calendar, and shows the next 10 public upcoming events.  Enable and configure this in the Setup area under External Links.

Follow the instructions in the system as shown in the image. The html in the yellow block can be copied into any company website.

The External Event Block page located under Setup

Don't forget, Aladtec Support is available and willing to help configure your system. Please call us at 888-749-5550 or email

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