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Thursday, July 2, 2015

Easily Send Messages Requesting Shift Coverage - Find Coverage Alerts

Aladtec helps administrators find employees to fill open shifts using a feature called: Find Coverage Alerts.  For example, if a member calls in sick or coverage is needed for an upcoming event, a message can easily be sent to all members eligible to work that day.  This is a huge time saver for services who currently send emails or call each person looking for coverage.  Here is how it works:

Find Coverage Alerts can be sent from all Work Schedule views and the Hourly Editor. Click the blue envelope to get started.

Monthly Calendar View showing the Blue Envelope for Find Coverage Alerts

Choose the specific open shift(s) and recipients from the Find Coverage page.

Steps for Sending Find Coverage Alerts

If you need help, please contact Aladtec Support. or 888-749-5550

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Mobile App and Smartphones

Aladtec is accessible from any mobile device with a connection to the internet. When visiting the system on a smartphone, the mobile browser will automatically be detected and load the mobile version. Here are steps to create a shortcut to the system.


1. Launch Safari.
2. Touch the address bar and enter in your system URL (e.g. aladtec.comt/yourservicename).
3. Log in as usual; you can optionally click on “Remember Me” to have your login information stored.
4. To save a shortcut to your system on your iPhone, you can bookmark it by tapping the square/arrow icon and tapping Bookmark
5. To save an icon to your Home Screen, select “Add to Home Screen.” An icon will now appear on your Home Screen giving you one-click access to your Aladtec system.



1. Launch Browser.
2. Touch the address bar and enter in your system URL (e.g.
3. Login as usual; you can optionally click on “Remember Me” to have your login information stored.
4. To bookmark the site, click on the Bookmark Icon and then click on “Add” for the icon of your system.
5. To save an icon to your Home Screen, long-press the bookmark you’ve already saved for your system.
6. Select “Add shortcut to Home.
Note: These steps may very depending on your Android device.

Friday, June 19, 2015

Trades Update: Ineligible Recipients for Shift Swaps and Giveaways

If you are new to trades, take a look at the Trade Blog post for a complete description.

By using Aladtec’s Trade feature, employees can effortlessly find someone to take their shift if they are unable to work. The system will automatically determine who is eligible and notify them accordingly. Aladtec recently updated the Trade Details page to provide more information about why some members may be ineligible.  This can be very useful if a member is looking for someone in particular and they are not listed as a qualified recipient.

This new update is located in the “Trade Details” window while requesting a trade.

Trade Details Page with Ineligible Recipients Highlights
Here are the different explanations that will prevent an employee from taking a shift:

  • No permissions to perform specified trade type
  • No permissions to work specified schedule
  • No permissions to work specified position
  • Already scheduled during the specified range (Giveaway)
  • No valid shifts to swap

Don’t forget, Aladtec values feedback.  Please don’t hesitate to let us know your opinion!

Friday, June 5, 2015

Member Database: Selecting Multiple Employees with Shift Clicking

From the Member Database, select multiple members by clicking the check box for the 1st person, then while holding the shift key select the last person's check box in a range. Doing so will check all members between the first and last selection.  This feature is very useful when used with sorting.  Group members based on any value by clicking the column headers.

Shift Click example from the Member Database

Monday, June 1, 2015

Member Database: Names Remain Visible While Scrolling

Aladtec’s recently improved how members are viewed in the Member Database.  When viewing large amounts of information about members, it can be difficult to see what rows belong to what members.  The names will now remain visible on each row while scrolling across the page.

Member Database with name column displayed while the page is scrolled to the right

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Member Database: Pagination

The Member Database now divides names across multiple pages defaulting to 100 names per page. This improves load times for the page and reduces the need for excessive scrolling.  If selecting more than 100 members for a batch edit or to send a group message, adjust the total number of names shown to 250 or All.

Member Database page with pagination options highlighted

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Password Security

The Aladtec system includes a feature to improve the password security for members by enforcing strong passwords. A strong password uses a combination of characters: lower-case, upper case, numbers and symbols, making it difficult for a computer to guess or hack.

How it Works

Enable strong passwords in the setup area of the system, as shown below.

The security settings in the setup area of the Aladtec system.

Good Security Habits

Having a secure password is only step one in making sure your data is secure. Here are some good habits for any software you use:

  1. Change your password frequently. Regularly updating passwords strengthens security by mitigating any brute-force password guessing should information fall into the wrong hands.
  2. Use different passwords for different software. If someone discovers the password to your email, maintaining different passwords will restrict them from using the same password to access your bank account, social networks, and other software.
  3. Stay away from full words. Password-guessing algorithms often check for full words in the English language. Using parts of words will make the password easier to remember without compromising security.

Let us Help

If you have any questions, feel free to call our support line at 888-749-5550. Thanks, and have a great day!