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Friday, May 22, 2015

New Features: Member Database Improvements

Aladtec’s Member Database has many flexible features for managing employee information and communicating.  We recently made improvements to how members are selected and optimized the way information is viewed.  Here are a few examples of the enhancements.

Selecting Multiple Employees with Shift Clicking

Select multiple members by clicking the check box for the 1st person, then while holding the shift key select the last person's check box in a range. Doing so will check all members between the first and last selection.  This feature is very useful when used with sorting.  Group members based on any value by clicking the column headers.

Shift Click example from the Member Database

Names Remain Visible While Scrolling

When viewing large amounts of information about members, it can be difficult to see what rows belong to what members.  The names will now remain visible on each row while scrolling across the page.

Member Database with name column displayed while the page is scrolled to the right


The Member Database now divides names across multiple pages defaulting to 100 names per page. This improves load times for the page and reduces the need for excessive scrolling.  If selecting more than 100 members for a batch edit or to send a group message, adjust the total number of names shown to 250 or All.

Member Database with pagination options outlined


Please let us know what you think.  Feedback is very important to us and appreciated. Feel free to comment below, contact us at 888-749-5550 or

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Tech Tip and New Feature: Password Security

The Aladtec system includes a feature to improve the password security for members by enforcing strong passwords. A strong password uses a combination of characters: lower-case, upper case, numbers and symbols, making it difficult for a computer to guess or hack.

How it Works

Enable strong passwords in the setup area of the system, as shown below.

The security settings in the setup area of the Aladtec system.

Good Security Habits

Having a secure password is only step one in making sure your data is secure. Here are some good habits for any software you use:

  1. Change your password frequently. Regularly updating passwords strengthens security by mitigating any brute-force password guessing should information fall into the wrong hands.
  2. Use different passwords for different software. If someone discovers the password to your email, maintaining different passwords will restrict them from using the same password to access your bank account, social networks, and other software.
  3. Stay away from full words. Password-guessing algorithms often check for full words in the English language. Using parts of words will make the password easier to remember without compromising security.

Let us Help

If you have any questions, feel free to call our support line at 888-749-5550. Thanks, and have a great day!

Friday, May 1, 2015

New Feature: Saving Work Schedule and Hourly Editor Views

A new feature has been added to the Aladtec system that allows the display options in the Work Schedules and Hourly Editor to be saved. This makes it possible to quickly toggle between different views.

How it Works

Under the Edit link in all Work Schedule pages and the Hourly Editor, members and administrators will see a Save As button. Once a particular view has been saved, it will display under the View drop down menu as shown below.

Daily Blocks page showing the Save As button under the edit link

Example Uses

If there are multiple schedules that cover a certain region, save one view for each region.

Weekly Shifts page showing saved views for different regions

It can be useful to only see time off, trades and sign ups. Save a view that has all schedules unchecked.

Monthly Calendar page with a saved view displaying sign ups, time off and trades

From the Hourly Editor, create a view that displays only Full Time, Part Time, or Volunteer employees in the Member Availability.

Hourly Editor page with saved views for employee types


Please let us know what you think. Feedback is very important to us and appreciated. Feel free to comment below, contact us at 888-749-5550 or

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Getting Started with Aladtec

If you are a new administrator to Aladtec or in the process of introducing the system to employees, this article is for you. 

Introducing new software to an organization requires careful planning and consideration.  We have helped more than 1,400 companies successfully adopt the system through training and effective communication.  A major part of using Aladtec is properly introducing employees to the system.  In this article we will describe what we have seen work well and a few important tips to get started. Don’t forget, we are here to help so don’t hesitate to give us a call. 888-749-5550

Step 1 - Learn and Configure the System

If you have not received training on using the system, please contact Aladtec so we can discuss your system’s configuration and verify it is setup properly to suit your needs.  We will also designate additional training for any other administrators if needed.  In most cases, an hour of training over the phone will be sufficient to understand and administer the Aladtec system.

Every person who needs access to the system must be entered into the Member Database.  Provide Aladtec a spreadsheet of employee names and data and we will import this information into the Member Database.  This is an excellent opportunity to collect and verify all pertinent information about employees.

Step 2 - Fill out the Schedule

When it’s time for members to begin logging in, they must see they are on the schedule.  This allows employees the opportunity to learn how to interact with the system.  Utilize Repeats and Rotations to add members to the schedule in patterns or add members daily via the Hourly Editor if there isn’t a pattern.

Step 3 - Instruct Employees to Login

Communicating as clearly as possible how members login and what they need to do is crucial to a smooth rollout. Provide emails or handouts that list mandatory instructions. Here is a sample template:

We are implementing a new system to manage our schedule and other relevant information.  It is mandatory you login and complete the below steps by [date]. If you have any problems, please call [Administrators Contact Info].
  1. Go to
    • Username: firstname+lastname (example: John Smith’s login would be  “johnsmith”)
    • Password: firstname+lastname
  2. Click My Info and verify/enter:
    1. Change your Password
    2. Verify your phone number and select your mobile phone provider
    3. Verify Email Address
    4. Verify all other information is correct
    5. Click Save
  3. Click My Schedule - This is where you can see your scheduled time, submit time off, sign up for open shifts, submit availability and trade shifts.

Additional Information to Consider

  • Establish a “go live date” and stick to it. It’s important to completely discontinue using any old system or spreadsheet for scheduling. We understand the hesitation but from experience, it’s double work that is unnecessary.  Inefficient and old habits will hinder the transition and discourage adoption. Out with the old and in with the new!
  • Designate a primary administrative contact to answer questions from members.
  • Aladtec’s support is exceptional - use it. If you spend more than 10 minutes trying to figure out something, stop, and call Support.  We want to hear from you.

Let us Help

We talk with customers all the time with one person managing all schedules, trades, time off and signups for their members. With Aladtec, the ownership is on the members while you oversee everything. Let us help you through the process. 888-749-5550

Friday, April 24, 2015

New Feature: Schedule Cloning

Aladtec has a new feature that allows schedules to be cloned.  Administrators can make a copy of an existing schedule in the setup area under the Schedule Configurator.  It’s no longer necessary to recreate positions, shift times and permissions if a similar schedule already exists.

This will be very useful to our customers who regularly need coverage outside of their existing schedules.  For example, if coverage is needed for three Fridays in a row to staff a special event, setup one schedule for the first Friday and clone it for the others.  When creating a cloned schedule, it will duplicate Schedule Permissions (within the Member Database) and Scheduling Authority (within Access Levels).

Here are images of the Schedule Configurator showing the cloning functionality.

Schedule Configurator page with the clone button highlighted

Schedule Configurator page showing a cloned schedule

Let us know what you think! We are continuing to expand on schedule creation and modification, so  feedback is greatly appreciated. Contact us at 888-749-5550 or or feel free to comment below.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Do you Login to Multiple Aladtec Systems?

Many of our loyal customers work at multiple locations and are required to log into multiple Aladtec Systems.  The great news is, we have a feature that will simplifyy this process called "Multi-System Login". With only one login, anyone can toggle between numerous accounts.

Request Setup

In order to set this up, please call 888-749-5550 or email with the names and services to be linked.

How it Works

Once the accounts have been linked, the member will have a drop down menu in the upper right corner of their system as shown here.

Aladtec System showing an account that has the ability to toggle between systems.

Let us Help

We would love to setup all of our customers with this feature. Please don't hesitate to contact us.

Friday, April 17, 2015

Tech Tip: Multiple Tabs, Increase Font Size, Change Time Types

Here in the Aladtec Support department, we love finding faster and more efficient ways to accomplish tasks in the system.  Some of the shortcuts we use are simple, but not very obvious.  Here are a few you must have in your arsenal.

Multiple Tabs

Don’t be limited to only working in one tab with the Aladtec System. By holding the Ctrl key and clicking a link, it will open in a new tab.  This makes it easy for switching between two or more areas of the system.  Don’t forget to refresh the page if you make a change in one part of the system and are verifying in another (you can use F5 to refresh a page).

Toggling Between Tabs

Increase Font Size

If the text is too small in the system, use Ctrl and the +/- keys to increase/decrease the size of the text.  You can also use Ctrl and 0 to reset back to it’s default size.

Change Time Types

Changing the Time Type associated with a shift can be done very quickly in the Hourly Editor.  There is no longer a need to delete the shift and re-add it.  The option to change a Time Type  can be found on each shift by hovering over the small arrow next to the member’s name.

Note: This only applies to systems with Time Types Enabled.

Changing Time Types from the Hourly Editor

Let us Help

We love helping our customers with new ways to use the system. Please call or email us with questions or feedback. 888-749-5550 or