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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Announcing External Links

You can now create links in Aladtec for members to access other useful websites (like incident reporting software, training software, or anywhere else on the web). The links will display for all members in the top left corner by clicking the service name as shown in this image.

Aladtec home page highlighting External Links

To enable, click on your service name in the top left corner to go into Setup -> External Links.

Don’t forget, if you have questions, or need assistance, please contact your Support Team at or 888.749.5550.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Public Safety Agency Announces Major Improvements Since Implementing Aladtec for Staff Scheduling and Workforce Management

Moving employee scheduling and other processes online, such as office forms, improves efficiency and is a green initiative. 

When you discover something that makes your life easier it’s pretty hard to give it up.  One EMS Director has been implementing the same administrative tool at agencies where he’s worked since 2008.

“I have been using Aladtec for staff scheduling, and other workforce management tasks, for eight years.  I’ve introduced it in every service where I’ve been a Director.  I have used other systems but Aladtec is by far the best.  This system stands out because it is great for both admin and field staff. Many systems are easy for the admin staff to run, because that’s who the provider is selling the software to, but the member users hate it because it is hard to use or not intuitive.  Aladtec however, is easy to use and intuitive for all; it takes almost no hands-on training to get new users up and running,” explains Andrew Coccaro, EMS Director for Washington-Tyrrell County EMS and Non-emergency Transport, Plymouth, North Carolina.  

Coccaro says he has implemented Aladtec at organizations who were using a spreadsheet and also at agencies where they were using an online system.  “When I arrived here at Washington-Tyrrell County EMS they were using another online based scheduling software that was the cheapest thing on the market, and it showed,” shares Coccaro. “Everything except the login process was bad.  It had multi-color schedules for no reason, which made the screen almost impossible to read.  It had a rotation that you could build, but it would only allow you to build it the way the vendor set it up for you. If you ever wanted to change or add anything you had to send a request in and hope they got around to it sooner than later.”

In short order Coccaro switched the agency over to Aladtec for scheduling their 61 staff members. He also uses a number of the system’s other features, including Forms and Notes.

“Aladtec has so many great unique features, however one of my favorites is Forms.  It allows anyone, and I mean anyone, the ability to easily make custom forms.  There are also many pre-made forms in the system that you can use or tweak to fit your needs.  With little to no effort, I’ve made complex forms which we can fill out, review and store in our Aladtec system.  We currently use Forms for daily truck and bag check-offs, employee evaluations, EMD fall out calls (which need to be reported to our communication center), and for logging non-emergency transports that are missed due to our units being out of service or the facility did not call us,” says Coccaro.  “I am also a big fan of the new Daily Schedule Notes.  This handy little option gives me the ability to leave notes for crews and shifts as they come on duty.  It will also add these notes to the shift reminder that the system sends out prior to the person’s shift.  Notes gives me an easy way to get daily specific information to the crews without my command staff having to call several crews or stations every day.”

This agency previously spent over a week to create the monthly schedule.  Coccaro indicates it now takes just 1.5 hours.  He also states they save an average of $1,100 a month in overtime which was needed to get the schedule done on time.  “With the old system, staff would have to stay late or work on the weekend. This is a great cost savings to us, not to mention a moral booster for command staff since we don’t have to work beyond our normal hours of operation any longer,” he adds.  “We can also use Aladtec from anywhere on any computer or device. The staff and admins love that ability - there’s no other way to put it.  It allows easy access to the system when you are away from your computer.”

The Aladtec system can be configured for each agency’s specific requirements and can easily handle complex rotations often found within the Public Safety Sector.  “We have a modified 24/72 schedule that has our staff work a split Sunday shift that no other software has been able to handle.  Since our Aladtec system is built for our agency, I can modify anything and everything to suit our needs.  It really is a new world when you have a system that really works well for you. Simply put, Aladtec is by far the best system on the market,” concludes Coccaro.

About Washington-Tyrrell County EMS and Non-emergency Transport: This agency is located in Plymouth which is located on the Roanoke River north of North Carolina's Inner Banks region.  Along with emergency and non-emergency transport, they also have a State Medical Assistance Team (SMAT-III) that also responds to disasters and provides treatment, decon, triage and medical support. Their mission is to serve all customers and focus on delivering high quality care to the sick and injured.  


Wednesday, April 13, 2016

See YOU at FDIC 2016!

The 89th annual Fire Department Instructors Conference (FDIC) kicks off on April 18th at the Indiana Convention Center and Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis.  Last year, over 35,000 people attended from 53 countries - year after year it continues to be the world's largest event for the fire sector of public safety. The conference features classroom sessions, hands on training and a huge exhibition area with over 900 exhibitors featuring a variety of products and services.

Aladtec will be exhibiting again this year in both #3275.  We'll be attending FDIC to meet with customers and to showcase our online employee scheduling and workforce management system. The core of our business is within the Public Safety Sector, and the majority of our customers are Fire/Rescue and EMS agencies.

Aladtec easily handles complex scheduling and unique rotation requirements common to fire/rescue departments and other public safety agencies.  The online system also offers a number of workforce management features to improve efficiency, save time, save money and reduce human error - these factors are vital for any mission critical group.  

Today nearly 1,600 organizations subscribe to our online employee scheduling and workforce management software with over 97,000 people using the system throughout North America.  

Here's what a few of our customers in the fire sector have shared with us:

"Aladtec allows us to configure our crew schedule exactly to what we need. I save countless hours on shift trades, giveaways and OT coverage."
-Patrick Myers, Assistant Fire Chief, Lawrenceburg Fire Department, IN

“Before, we used a paper calendar, there were always issues with accessibility and accuracy.   Now with Aladtec, we track who’s on duty, who is off, and who has earned overtime.  Everything is extremely transparent and accurate.  Aladtec provides the best fit for our organization.”
-Jeff Pilz, Fire Chief, Hillside Fire Department, Hillside, IL

"Several other departments were using Aladtec and they were happy with the ease of use. I was unable to find another product that could do the job that Aladtec does. The other systems were too complex."
-Greg Migacz, Lieutenant and IT Administrator, Fox Lake Fire Protection District, IL

“I estimate we're saving about 100 hours a month by using Aladtec. Gaining all these hours allows us to dedicate more time to a variety of important civic duties, resulting in a positive impact on the communities we serve.  The mobile functionality makes it accessible to everyone all the time, which is perfect for our volunteer and part-time staff.”
-Landon Churchill, Engineer/EMT, Colorado River Fire Rescue, Rifle, CO

"Finding a workforce management system that's easy to use was our main focus. Aladtec is ideal because it's user friendly for all levels of computer capabilities. We tried the free demo and immediately saw the advantages of the system's online schedule, customizable forms, various reporting options and a number of other valuable features.”
-Susan Cabot, Secretary, Austintown Fire Department, Youngstown, OH

“We love just how much Aladtec can do.  Before we were using multiple programs each with a separate cost for scheduling, calendars, equipment and maintenance tracking.  Aladtec has everything we need in one place.  It is a powerful program but is very easy to use.  The attentiveness from the support staff has been excellent.”
-Leslie Lindquist, Rescue Chief, Saint Michael's College Fire and Rescue, Colchester, VT

For a free no credit card required demo - visit our website at or give us a call at 888-749-5550.  Hope to see you at FDIC - booth #3275

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Major Improvements to the Availability Page

As you may already know, the Availability page in Aladtec displays every member's availability in one place. We are happy to announce some major improvements to the flexibility of this page.

Here's what's new:

  • Date selectors have been added to allow viewing by day, week, month, or custom time frames.
  • Member Filters to display availability for specific groups or individuals.
  • Display fields from the member database next to each person’s name.
  • The header and name column are now frozen, making it easier to scroll and still keep your bearings.
  • Custom views can be saved and easily accessed.
Don’t forget, if you have questions, or need assistance, please contact your Support Team at or 888.749.5550. 

Thursday, March 17, 2016

New Find Coverage Alert Page

The Find Coverage page has been updated with a new look and added functionality. The blue Find Coverage envelopes throughout the system help you fill open shifts by sending out text messages and emails to all eligible members.

Here is what’s new:
  • Members who have time off or are already working can now be selected to receive the alerts.
  • The Find Coverage page has been redesigned to make it easier to send an alert for the right open shifts to the right members.
  • See a sample of the text and email message that is being sent to members and add a note if needed.

As shown in this image, there are 4 steps to sending an alert:
  1. Select the Schedules and Positions which need to be filled.
  2. Select who will receive the alert.
  3. Add a message with additional detail if required
  4. Click Send
New Find Coverage Alert Page

If you need help, please contact Aladtec Support. or 888-749-5550

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Hourly Editor Enhancement: Header Row Now Frozen

The member availability section of the Hourly Editor has been updated to display the header row when scrolling through the list of members. This greatly improves the usability of this section by keeping the hours visible when viewing members toward the bottom of the list.

Hourly Editor highlighting the Frozen Header

If you have any questions, please leave a comment or give us a call at 888-749-5550.

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Significant Speed Increase in Aladtec’s Hourly Editor

Our engineers made some major improvements to speed up the Hourly Editor. You can expect the page to load 3-4 times faster than before.  In addition, the page doesn’t reload anymore when you delete scheduled time – so now load time is under one second!

In addition to these speed improvements, there are a couple of tricks that will improve page load time by adjusting the settings in the Edit link located in the upper right corner of the Hourly Editor.

1. Try unchecking schedules from your view that do not need to be modified.

Hourly Editor Page highlighting Work Schedule selectors under the the Edit link.

2. If administrators need to only view members who have indicated they are available, check the box: “Only show members with Availability designated as Available and/or Prefer”

Hourly Editor Page highlighting the Member Filter selectors under the Edit link.

Don't forget, Aladtec Support is available and willing to help configure your system. Please call us at 888-749-5550 or email