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Friday, April 13, 2018

Trade Shifts Quickly on Desktop or Mobile

In Aladtec, trades make it easy for members to manage their own schedule changes and are a great way to reduce administrative workload. Simply set up trades in your system to allow members to giveaway or swap their scheduled shifts. Additional options can be configured for trades, such as requiring approval, sending notifications, and limiting the time, duration, and shift schedules that members are allowed to trade. Once set up, trades can be processed in a few quick steps!

Configuring Trades

Trades can be configured based on the needs of your service. For example, only allow trade requests within the current month; require shift swaps to be repaid within the same pay period or for the same schedule; or only allow shifts to be given away rather than swapped. To configure the trades in Aladtec, go to Setup, then edit each Work Group to modify the trade types, swap rules, approvals, and notifications, as shown below.

Initiating a Trade

Members or administrators can initiate trades both in the desktop or mobile versions. On the desktop, trades can be initiated from My Schedule or the Trades page. On mobile, trades can be initiated from Upcoming Shifts or the Trades screen. Requesting a trade from the Upcoming Shifts screen in mobile is shown below.

After requesting a trade, the type of trade (i.e. giveaway or swap), the times, and the recipients can be modified, if needed. Additionally, notes can be added for the administrator and the recipients. To be an eligible recipient, a member must be both permitted to work in the position on the schedule and be available to work (i.e. not already scheduled and not on Time Off). See below for an example of a Trade Request via mobile.

Accepting a Trade

On a giveaway, a recipient can take the shift via their My Schedule page. For a swap, a recipient needs to offer a shift back to the member who initiated the trade, and then, the initiating member can accept the offered shift. After the members have completed the giveaway or the swap, the schedule will automatically update to reflect the trade, unless administrative approval is required.

The member initiating the trade must confirm the swap by choosing an offered shift, as shown below.

Approving a Trade

For trades requiring administrator approval, administrators can approve or deny from multiple locations in the desktop view, including the Dashboard, Schedule Views, My Schedule, and Change Requests. In mobile, administrators can approve or deny from the Admin Tasks - Pending Trades displayed in the Dashboard.

An example of processing the trade request from the desktop Dashboard is included below.

For more information on processing trades, watch our help video below.

If you have any questions or need additional assistance with trades, please contact the Support Team at 888.749.5550 or As always, thank you for using Aladtec!

~Your Aladtec Team

Thursday, March 22, 2018

Simplify Your Schedules with Block Time

With the use of block time, schedules are much easier to manage by only showing shifts that need to be filled. Block time is similar to a placeholder for a position or shift and once applied, that position or shift is no longer open or available.

Block time can simplify your schedule in the following situations:

  • Non-Shift time - when a schedule does not require 24/7 coverage, block time can be used to prevent members from signing up for shifts when coverage is not needed   
  • Find Coverage Alerts - when sending find coverage alerts, any shifts with applied block time will not be included 
  • Special Events schedules - schedules that only need open shifts during specific dates and times (i.e. football games, parades, training, etc) 
  • Different Staffing Levels - a single schedule may require different coverage for different days of the week or during specific hours (i.e. 3 medics during the day but only 2 medics in the evening)

A monthly calendar view will show a lot of extra open shifts when block time is not used, see below.

That same monthly calendar is much simpler after block time is applied, see below:

Using Repeats & Rotations to Add Block Time

Just as members are scheduled for recurring shifts, block time can be scheduled using Repeats & Rotations. Instead of selecting a member’s name for the Repeat and Rotation, select Block Time. After selecting Block Time, the steps are the same as if it were a member being scheduled (e.g. select the schedule and position(s), then enter the details of the rotation for the dates and time to block). Once the rotation is applied, the open shifts will no longer display on the calendar view.  If ranges of block time ever need to be removed, simply use the Date Range Delete feature.

On the Repeats and Rotations page, select Block Time from the Member list, shown below:

Using the Hourly Editor to Add Block Time

Block time can be applied one shift at a time through the Hourly Editor. To add the block time, select the position under the Schedule, then select Block Time from the Member drop-down list at the bottom of the screen. Select the time to be blocked and click Add. A gray bar will now appear to show the position is blocked. To remove block time, simply click the trash can on the scheduled block time.

From the Hourly Editor page, select Block Time from the Member list, shown below:

For additional details on how to simplify your schedule with block time through Repeats & Rotations or the Hourly Editor, please watch the how-to video below:

For questions or additional help with simplifying your schedule using block time, please contact the Support Team at 888.749.5550 or As always - thank you for using Aladtec!

~ Your Aladtec Team

Monday, March 12, 2018

Sync Your Aladtec Calendar to Your Personal Calendar

Syncing your Aladtec calendar to your personal calendar is a great way to keep track of scheduled shifts, time off, and events - all in one location! Using iCal, it’s easy to set up the sync.

Follow the steps below to Find the Subscription Link, then Add the Subscription Link to your Personal Calendar. Keep in mind, the frequency and volume of information synced is controlled by your personal calendar provider (i.e. Google, iOS, etc.).

Find the Subscription Link 

A subscription link is required to sync your Aladtec calendar to your personal calendar. Log into Aladtec on the same device you are using to sync the calendars and copy the subscription link, using the following steps:

  1. Navigate to My Schedule in Aladtec - if on a mobile device, use the Full Site View
  2. Select “Configure” under the iCal heading
  3. Select which schedules to sync to your personal calendar, then click “Subscribe” - for the best performance, only select the schedules you need
  4. Select your personal calendar program, then copy the subscription link

Add the Subscription Link to your Personal Calendar

Google Calendar

To view your Aladtec calendar in your personal Google calendar, add the subscription link via a non-mobile device, e.g. laptop or desktop. Once the Google Calendar is set up on the non-mobile device, Google will sync this calendar on your mobile devices that are connected to the same Google account. The sync may take several hours depending on the Google syncing schedule.

To add the subscription link in your personal Google calendar, complete the following:

  1. Click the “+” next to “Add a coworker’s calendar”, then select “From URL”
  2. Paste the subscription link from the Find the Subscription Link section above, then select “Add Calendar” - it may take a few minutes to sync before the calendar is added
  3. The calendar will appear in the list of Other calendars, as “Aladtec Member Schedule” - depending on Google, this may also show up as a link which can be modified in the next step
  4. (Optional) To modify the name of the calendar, complete the following:
  • From the Google Calendar, under “Other Calendars”, select “Settings” for the new calendar
  • Edit the “Name” for the calendar, then click the arrow to exit “Settings”

iOS Calendar 

For iOS (e.g. iPhone, iPad), add your Aladtec calendar using the steps below. Once completed, your Aladtec calendar will be viewable as part of your iOS calendar.

1.  Navigate to “Settings”
2.  Select “Accounts & Passwords”
3.  Select “Add Account”
4.  Select “Other”
5.  Select “Add Subscribed Calendar”
6.  Paste the subscription link in “Server” - use the link copied from the Find the Subscription Link steps above
7.  Select “Next”
8.  Modify the following “Subscription” settings, then Save
     •  Edit the Description (optional)
     •  Leave “User Name” and “Password” blank
     •  Select “Use SSL”
     •  Turn on/off  “Remove Alarms” (optional)

9. The calendar will appear in the list of Other calendars, as “Aladtec Member Schedule”, unless the default Description was modified in the “Subscription” settings step above 

For questions or additional help with syncing your calendar, please contact the Support Team at or 888.749.5550. As always, thank you for using Aladtec!

~ Your Aladtec Team

Monday, February 12, 2018

Attach Files to enhance Forms and Member Information

New Feature Release! Aladtec has released an enhancement to Forms and the Member Database allowing files to be attached to form submissions and to a member’s My Info page.

This enhancement will increase efficiency, eliminate paper filing, and streamline processes. For example, using this new feature will allow for:
  • Quickly assessing damage to vehicles by reviewing the attached pictures of damages found during daily rig checks
  • Keeping copies of licenses and certifications for each member allowing for easy access and validation
  • Attaching invoices and receipts to purchase orders, expense reports, etc.

To take advantage of this new enhancement, an administrator will need to add an Attachment field via the Form Configurator or the Member Database Configurator. To add the Attachment field in either configurator:
  1. Drag and drop the Attachment field into the chosen form or the Member Database
  2. Name the field 
  3. Customize the field (i.e. required, number of files, etc.) 
  4. Save

The Form Configurator has a new field available called Attachment, see below.

In the example below, via the Form Configurator, the Attachment field was added to a form and named “Documentation”.

The “Documentation” field below has been customized to allow for three Attachments.

Once the “Documentation” field is available on an individual form, or in My Info, members with the correct permissions can easily attach a file.

In the example below, an image of a damaged vehicle is attached when submitting the form.

Files attached to submitted forms can be viewed on individual submissions, as well as in Form Reports. Files attached to member profiles can be viewed where member attributes can be viewed, including: My Info, the Member Database, and Reports.

In the Form Report shown below, clicking on the number of files gives the ability to view details about each file.

For questions or additional help with attaching files in Forms or the Member Database, please contact the Support Team at or 888.749.5550. As always, thank you for using Aladtec!

~ Your Aladtec Team

Monday, November 13, 2017

My Schedule page is now available in Mobile

Aladtec’s mobile version recently added a My Schedule page. This feature is very similar to the My Schedule page in the desktop version. It provides monthly and daily information specific to each member, in a color-coded format, making it easy to review and complete tasks relating to scheduled shifts, open shifts, trades, time off requests, and trades.

Additional details about the My Schedule page are included below. Note: Features within the My Schedule page may not be available, due to your system configuration. To take advantage of these features, please contact your System Admin or Aladtec Support for assistance.

Accessing the My Schedule page

Quickly access the My Schedule page via the Menu. Scroll down to view key information relating to Scheduled Time (including Minimum Staffing and Schedule Notes), Time Off, Trades, Open Shifts, and Events.

Viewing information for a specific day

The My Schedule page defaults to displaying an overview of the current month along with specific information on scheduled shifts, open shifts, trades, time off requests, and events for the current day. Tap a day in the month to view information for that day. Navigate to the previous or next month quickly, by using the arrows next to the date. Tap the displayed month to pick a new month or year. To return to the current day, use the Today option.


Setting View Options

Configure the My Schedule page to display Scheduled Time, Time Off, Trades, Open Shifts, or Events via View Options. These settings are automatically saved for returning to the My Schedule page.


Completing tasks relating to Shifts and Trades

Tap the color blocks at the bottom of the My Schedule page to view additional details and complete tasks. From the color blocks:

  • See details of your upcoming shift, and request time off or a trade (blue blocks),
  • Sign up for open shifts (purple blocks),
  • Accept trade requests (greenish/brown blocks),
  • Learn event details (brown blocks).

If you have questions or need help with the My Schedule page, please contact your Support Team at or 888.749.5550. As always, thank you for using Aladtec.

~ Your Aladtec Team

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Seeing black pixels in Chrome? Here’s how to fix it...

If you recently started noticing black pixels when using Chrome - here's a remedy to try...

A new version of Google Chrome (61.0.3163.100) was released on Thursday, September 21, 2017. For some users, this may have resulted in black pixels displaying while scrolling or hovering. To prevent this from happening, turn off “hardware acceleration” in Chrome. Turning “hardware acceleration” off should not affect any process negatively and will resolve this issue. To turn off “hardware acceleration,” follow the steps below.

Step 1 - Open Chrome settings.


Step 2 - Scroll down and open the Advanced settings.


Step 3 - Continue to scroll down further and disable hardware acceleration.


Step 4 - After disabling hardware acceleration you will need to relaunch your browser. Make sure to save any important work or progress before you relaunch it - just in case.

As always - if you have any questions about your Aladtec system, or if we can be of further help in any way - please give us a call at 888-749-5550.

Monday, August 28, 2017

The New Aladtec Mobile Experience

Aladtec’s Mobile version has a new look, along with numerous small enhancements. Over the coming months, even more features will be added to Mobile.

The most recent changes include:
  • Color coded information - Quickly recognize information; colors are the same as the Desktop, i.e. blue for Scheduled Shifts, green for Trades, purple for Open Shifts, orange for Time Off, brown for Events

  • Redesigned Dashboard - Easily see information at a glance; now focused on schedules, requests and events 

  • Menu updates - Faster navigation to a few features previously located on the Dashboard

  • Other - Simpler to select dates, view member information, find forms, and send messages

Below are additional details for the recent enhancements. Note: Some enhancements may not be available, due to your system configuration.  To take advantage of these, contact your System Admin or Aladtec Support for assistance.

Dashboard for Members

On the Dashboard, Members can quickly see their Upcoming Shifts, Available Trades, Available Open Shifts, Approved Time Off, and Upcoming Events; with the ability to view additional items for each section.

Admin Tasks on Dashboard

In addition to everything a member can see and do on the Dashboard, Admins can review Pending Requests for Trades, Sign Ups, and Time Off. Each section shows the next upcoming request, the number of additional pending requests, and gives the ability to view additional items.

Menu Navigation Options

A few features, previously located on the Dashboard, are now accessible from the Menu. From any page, use the Menu to quickly navigate to other key pages including: Dashboard, Daily Summary (previously Work Schedule), Forms, Discussions, and Member Database. Members can also Logout or Switch Systems from the Menu. Note: Switch Systems is only available for Members with access to multiple Aladtec systems.

View Time Off Requests

Members can check their Time Off Requests easily, to see if they are Approved or still Pending Admin Approval.

Selecting Dates

Navigate to the previous or next day faster, by using the arrows next to the date. Select the displayed date to pick a new date from the calendar view. To return to the current day, use the “Today” option.

Forms with the A-Z Picker

Forms can be quickly accessed from the Menu. If there are a lot of forms, use the A-Z picker to locate a specific form.

Member Database Features

In the Member Database, use the A-Z picker to quickly find a member, view additional member information, and send messages to Individuals, Access Levels, or Work Groups.

If you have questions, need help navigating mobile, or configuring features in your system, please contact your Support Team at or 888.749.5550. As always, thank you for using Aladtec.

~ Your Aladtec Team