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Friday, August 21, 2015

Smart Fields in Forms

We are happy to announce the addition of Smart Fields to Forms. Members and Schedules are two new Smart Fields that can be added to a form on the Form Configurator page. The new Smart Fields are pre-populated based on data in the system, and stay up-to-date with the system's current active members and schedules.

Here are a couple examples of how Smart Fields can save time and are useful.

  • Many Aladtec Customers name their schedules after vehicles (Engine 1, Ambulance A, etc). By using the Schedule Smart Field, the forms will always have the most current list of vehicles to choose from when submitting a form. 
  • If more than one person is involved in filling out a form, include the Members Smart Field allowing the person submitting the form to select other individual’s names.  

Example of Smart Fields on a Form
We intend to make additional Smart Fields based on customer feedback. Please let us know what you think or if you have other Smart Field ideas. or 888-749-5550

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Individual Member Report

The reports in Aladtec offer many solutions for reviewing hours worked, time off, trades, availability hours and more. In this post we’ll focus on a report available to all members and administrators: The Individual Member Report. Use this report to see detailed information for yourself (or others if you are an administrator). Any person can review their Individual Member Report by clicking on Reports in the navigation bar. Here are some examples of how this report is commonly used:

  • Quickly verify if hours are correct for a pay period
  • Evaluate current Time Off Accrual balances for deciding when to take time off
  • Administrators can check to see statistics on how frequently a member is trading shifts
  • Print specific areas by expanding or collapsing sections

Individual Member Report Sample

Please contact us if you require any assistance using the Individual Member Report or any other part of the system.  888-749-5550 or

Friday, August 7, 2015

The System Log

Aladtec’s System Log is an extremely powerful reporting tool containing a list of every action taken by employees within the system. Having this information is extremely useful for verifying who performed an action and the exact date and time of when:

  • Scheduled time was manipulated
  • Sign up requests were completed, approved or denied
  • Time off requests were completed, approved or denied
  • Trades were requested, approved or denied 
  • Notifications were sent to members or administrators
  • Availability was submitted or deleted
  • Forms were created, deleted or submitted
  • System configurations were modified
  • Changes were made in the Library, Discussions or Member Database

Access the system log by hovering over reports and clicking: System Log. It’s important to utilize the filtering tools and date selector for researching a particular action as show in this image.

Aladtec’s System Log with the Edit options displayed

If you ever have trouble finding specific information, call or email Aladtec Support. 888-749-5550 or

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Member Filters in Aladtec Reports

Reporting with Aladtec has many useful features that assist in performing payroll, scheduled time audits, monitoring overtime and time off.  This article is focused on a very powerful part of reporting: Member Filters.  Utilize Member Filters to isolate records based on attributes in the Member Database. Here are some examples:

  • Filter on Employee Type (i.e. only show part time/full time employees)
  • Show only members in certain positions
  • Filter on Name to only review one individual’s records 
  • Create multiple filters (i.e. part time employees who work on the station 1 schedule)

Member Filters are available in the Summary, Schedule Time, and Form Reports under the Edit Link. For customers who use the Time Clock, Member Filters are also available in the Time Clock Admin and Time Clock Reports

The Schedule Time Report with the Member Filters set to show: Part Time Administrators 

Please contact us if you require any assistance in setting up Member Filters or any other part of the system.  888-749-5550 or

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Display Staffing Counts

Aladtec recently added a helpful new feature for quickly reviewing the number of members working on a schedule. The Daily and Weekly Block Work Schedule views can now display the count of individuals working. The totals are displayed under each schedule as shown in the screenshot below.

Daily Blocks View displaying Staff Count per 4 hour increments. Staff Counts can be per 1,2,4,8,12 or 24 hours.

To enable this feature, please contact Aladtec Support for setup and configuration.  
888-749-5550 or

Monday, July 13, 2015

New Overtime Rules in Aladtec

We are very excited to announce a new feature for creating and calculating overtime rules. With this feature, administrators can specify when each individual starts earning overtime. Here are a few examples of what it can do:

  • Begin calculating one group of employees weekly overtime at 56 hours, and another at 40 hours
  • Review overtime hours while scheduling employees
  • Easily view reports to see when staff are working overtime for the week, month, pay period, etc. 

Take a look at the video for a tour on how it works:

Find a complete guide on how to configure Work Groups here: Getting Started with Work Groups

Let us assist you setting up your overtime.  If you have any questions on this new feature or any other part of the system, please give us a call at 888-749-5550 or email

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

System Log Update: Sign up Requests

Aladtec’s System Log is an amazing feature for reviewing and researching every action taken in the system.  A recent enhancement allows administrators the ability to investigate details of members who have signed up to work shifts.  Access the System Log under Reports and use the Action Type: Sign Up - Requested. The following information can be obtained using this new improvement:

  • Date and time the member signed up
  • Date, time and message sent to administrators
  • Schedule and position the member has requested

Access the following information by clicking the ‘Details’ link on each entry.

The pop-up providing details on the Sign Up Requests

Please contact us if you require any assistance using the system log or any other part of the system.  888-749-5550 or